The Best Activities to Try in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and diverse cities in the world. Hence, it comes as no surprise that the Dutch capital has a dizzying range of extraordinary and thrilling attractions in its kitty. Whether you are fond of delving into some Dutch cookery classes, learning the rich history of the city or taking part in their local games, you can enjoy a multitude of attractions in the city.

Note that you can barely find places on the earth where you can take part in a legal graffiti workshop or nude painting experience. Or, is crawling into a pub in the red light street your thing? Maybe, an ultimate Dutch pancake-making class will be your cup of tea. Worry not; Amsterdam has it all. However, travelers often find it overwhelming or daunting to pick a few experiences from the sea of options. In order to help you out with this, below are some of the outstanding experiences that you may consider when in the Dutch capital to enhance the excitement and fun of your Amsterdam tours.

Cookery and tasting classes in Amsterdam

Are you a foodie or do you love tasting authentic food dishes of different regions? Then, below are two of the best activities that you may consider when in the Dutch capital.

The authentic pancake-making class

Delicious pancakes are something that you can find in the culinary lifestyle of almost every Dutch. They call this delicious dish pannenkoeken. This irresistible delicacy is much thinner when compared to Scottish and American pancakes and is filled with savory or sweet ingredients and spreads. No wonder, most visitors tend to take part in one of the private pancake-making classes in Amsterdam. These classes are different from regular cooking classes where you are taught only to cook. In this case, a culinary expert will take you to local Dutch markets to pick the ingredients required to make this Dutch delight.

Cheese tasting

Another popular activity foodies can indulge in when in the capital city of the Netherlands is cheese tasting. It is no secret that Amsterdam is renowned for its dizzying range of cheese varieties. One of the most popular and delicious Dutch cheese is Gouda. If you love to relish its taste, the decades-old cheese factory located at Singel 182 in central Amsterdam is the right choice for you. There is a cheese tasting room here and you will be guided by a cheese expert who will teach you to inspect and understand the flavors of different artisan cheese varieties.

Usually, the visitors are likely to get around six different types of cheese along with three types of wines to taste. Note that this will depend on the package you choose. You can also learn about the unique cheese ripening methods used in the Netherlands. Additionally, the firm will give you a small ball of cheese to take home as their token of gratitude and love.

Art and culture

Are you more of an art enthusiast than a food lover? If yes, check out the following options that are sure to satisfy your requirements

Graffiti workshop

Being able to do graffiti painting on the walls without being chased by policemen will be a dream of most street art lovers out there. If you also belong to this category, enroll your name for the graffiti workshops that are usually conducted just a few minutes away from the Amsterdam central station. After all, the city is well-known for its vibrant street art.

Usually, the graffiti workshops tend to last for two hours and the maximum number of people in a class is limited to six so that that professional instructor can pay attention to all of them. Here, you will be provided with a selected range of aerosol paints and the instructor will give you complete freedom to express yourselves. Note that you can do your graffiti painting on multiple surfaces including canvases, concrete slabs, wooden panels, sails, etc., depending on your personal preference.

Nude painting workshop

Another popular art staple of Amsterdam is painting. It is to be noted that at least one wing of almost every museum in the Dutch capital is dedicated to painting. One of the popular yet less-explored streams of art is the nude painting. While some people tend to find nude painting a disgusting and embarrassing affair, it is a huge opportunity for real artistic talents. In fact, many legendary artists such as Vermeer, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, etc., have already proved their talent in the nude painting field and their priceless masterpieces are displayed all over the city as well.

Are you also interested in trying your hand at this art form? If yes, enroll your name for any of the nude painting workshops when in Amsterdam. Note that the workshop usually lasts for two hours and there will be a trained instructor to guide you. The classes typically begin with basic instructions and guidelines followed by sketching with charcoal or chalk. All materials including a professional male or female model will be provided by the nude painting workshop authorities.