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Amsterdam is not just a place that lets you see sights and enjoy a ton of art. People who frequently take Amsterdam tours probably know that city is also a veritable foodie paradise, especially for burger lovers. Leaving home behind for a few days does not mean you should be deprived of the unbeatable taste of good ground beef and cheese and bacon. Following are some of the spots selling the best burgers in the city.

The Butcher

A burger bar that opened smack in the middle of the city’s largest daily market in 2012, The Butcher since expanded to three more restaurants as well as an acclaimed food-truck. Despite having tweaked many of its recipes in that time, The Butcher continuous to provide the same staple it always did: simple, tasty burgers made out of high-quality ingredients. Special homemade sauces including the truffle mayonnaise and baba ganoush make the place famous, as do the various stuffing options including pita, tortillas, and brioche buns. The four restaurants also dish out fish and chips, which is hard to get in the country.

Nude Burger Club

Every aspect of the sandwiches made at Nude Burger Club is decided by guests, and they also get to watch the chef cook up what they order. The restaurant’s menu features five patties, along with classic toppings like avocado, bacon, and fried onions. The more adventurous customer can try out the gorgonzola and spicy satay sauce. To top off the experience, you can follow up the burger with their renowned deep-fried ice cream for dessert.


Serving first-rate gourmet burgers off a menu that sees regular new patty additions, Burgermeester uses only the freshest seasonal produce as ingredients. These are bought directly from reputable sources, including farms on the neighboring island of Texel. The establishment even caters to vegan and vegetarian sensibilities with specifically prepared burgers, and offers no fewer than three meat-free patties at any given time. Burger ideas from guests are highly encouraged, and can be sent in through the restaurant’s website. They pick one and add it to their menu each month.


Patrons at this burger bar have the chance to come up with their own meat or vegetarian sandwiches, and get to choose among 3 patties and 20 possible fillings. Burgerlijk’s thick-cut homemade fries are the best in the neighborhood, and they offer soft drinks at the bar as well. With indoor seating as well as an open terrace with a gorgeous view of de Negen Straatjes, this place lets you enjoy an experience that is worth every euro you spend on it.

The Dutch Weed Burger Joint

Cool it; the name alludes to seaweed. This burger joint uses seaweed as base for every burger and sandwich they make. They are tremendously careful with not harming the environment, and the plant-based ingredients they use to this end are sourced from sustainable farms inside the country. Burgers aside, you can partake in five main courses consisting mainly of seaweed, including hot dogs and shawarma kebabs. One minus is the lack of space if you show up as a large group, but the terrace makes up for that.

Burger Bar

Another place that lets you assemble your own burger from bottom up, Burger Bar is a five-restaurant chain with locations inside the city’s centre. Each lets you choose what you hamburger will be made of, including patties, toppings, buns and sauces. They serve American-style side dishes to go on the side, such as deep-fried onion rings, fires, and coleslaw. The best part is that Burger Bar stays open until well after midnight and every day of the week; plus, beer is served by the pint.

Canibale Royale

Come to this place for prime meat and you will definitely keep coming back. Their salad choices are limited though, as are vegetable options. The menu has a full section labeled ‘meat’, so that is what they are serious about. Get the best beef steaks here, and try out the 1000g L’Absurde if you are up for it, although you need to call them up a day in advance. Cannibale Royale serves four distinct hamburgers with toppings like sauerkraut, bacon, and pulled pork. They take orders after 10pm and open every day of the week.

Ter Marsch & Co.

An award winning gourmet burger bar that offers wonderful patties, Ter Marsch & Co. uses high-quality beef with just the right amount of aging to achieve fantastic culinary results. They also serve other barbecue and US-style dishes, which are characterized by international and modern twists. One good example of that is the grilled pork belly sandwiche with kimchi. Another worth exploring is the crispy French fries with cannabis sauce topping.