The Eurostar Route to Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a beautiful city with a manageable size. Hence, it would be easy for you to cycle or walk along all the main areas of the city under an hour. Moreover, the well-known Dam Square is just at a five-minute walk away from the Centraal station where all the popular tourist attractions of the city reside. Another appeal of Amsterdam tours is the city’s candlelit bistros and romantic waterways. You could also find 24-hour clubbing and coffee shops in the city, which makes the city a perfect spot for a fun weekend.

Still, there are a lot of things to consider before going out on a holiday trip. What people usually do is that they strategically plan every step, including commutes between major cities. When you are in Europe and need to get from London to Amsterdam, few modes of transport beat the new Eurostar train.

The Eurostar Route to Amsterdam

Each and every moment of your holiday is important, and so you should make every moment count. Get on the 05:31 pm train from St Pancras. The Eurostar train has fast onboard Wi-Fi, which would be just enough for you to show off yourself on Instagram as you race through the countryside. There would also be enough time for you to watch movies and TV shows on streaming apps.

The train would also take you through a futuristic experience as it goes through the underwater tunnel. It would really be like an onboard VR experience where you are racing down underwater to see small fishes.

The Stroopwafels available at the train bar is sure to take you to a Dutch mood. Even though flying is the fastest option to get to the city, Eurostar really offers you unique freedom, where you do not have to wait on long queues for check-in and boarding the flight.

The train would reach Amsterdam by 09:12 pm. The city would be your playground for the next few hours, all lit in beautiful lights to welcome you. There are lots of things to do at night here as well, after you check in to your hotel.

The next day, you could go to the Bijenkorf for some shopping; this is Amsterdam’s biggest shopping complex. The mall is located at the Dam Square, and could offer you almost anything you want. You could also find many companies offering canal cruises around the place. For a classic Dutch lunch, go straight to the Nieuwmarkt area, before going about your typical touristy activities.