Things Not to Do in Amsterdam Tours

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Amsterdam Tours
Amsterdam Tours
Things To Do In Amsterdam

We all know that Amsterdam is a freewheeling city, buy everything is not so in the city. There are some things that are best to be avoided, although being perfectly legal in the city. The obvious things are listed below so that it will be easy for you to avoid these things in your next Amsterdam tours.

Buying Drugs

In the city of Amsterdam, both the local and tourists can buy and use soft drugs like marijuana legally, but it will be better for you to buy the drugs from the various licensed coffee shops (as the Amsterdam locals call them). Never buy drugs on the streets, as many naïve tourists have paid large prices for parsley, sheep dung, talcum powder, or aspirin.

Reports even show that some of the tourists have lost much more than money. In 2014, three young tourists to the city of Amsterdam lost their lives after they used something they brought from a street-side drug dealer.

It will be good idea for you to avoid eye contact with beggars, street loiters, and junkies who whisper “Hash? Coke?” to your ears. If you go for these deals, you might end up buying things like powdered painkillers and dried and crushed cabbage leaves, positively. Note that such deals take place in the dark alleys where you can lose all your valuables too.

Shops Disguised as Museums

This is yet another trap, which you should avoid in your Amsterdam tours. Many shops in the city of Amsterdam cleverly disguise as museums by naming them “Tulip Museum”, “Cheese Museum”, or “Erotic Museum”. You can note the store area and if it is almost as big as the museum itself, then you can be sure that it is a shop, which is masquerading as a museum.

Many of these shops have replaced many unique businesses of the city and they are now more interested to cater to the tourists than the locals. There is one more thing that these stores share in common, which is their desire to replace the antique storefronts with the modern and loud designs. Many locals and Amsterdam tours experts claim that these shops are contributing to the gradual destruction of the unique city culture.

These are two main things, which you should definitely avoid in your Amsterdam tours. Tours in Amsterdam can be wonderful if you are visiting the place as part of a tour package or with a guide, as reputed travel agents and guides can help you make sure that you avoid all the pitfalls.