Three To-Do Things at the Oud-West Neighborhood in Amsterdam City

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The city of Amsterdam has plenty to offer to you. There are plenty of things to do and see in and around the world famous canal ring area. The Oud-West, for instance, retains the medieval charm of the city capital and is lined up with markets, cultural hubs, boutique shops, and more. This makes the Oud-West neighborhood a must-visit neighborhood when you are going on Amsterdam tours. Ensure to add the below places to your itinerary when you are touring the Dutch capital with your friends or family.

A Walkthrough of Overtoom

Overtoom is the ideal tourist spot for shopping enthusiasts, as there are plenty of concept stores with trendy, unique, and attractive accessories. Consider spending a day with window shopping or money splashing in one of the busiest streets of Amsterdam with stops at ‘Wildernis’ if you are into horticultural plants and botanicals. Tourists who are in search of Dutch-inspired antiques must head straight to the ‘Sourced and Sold’ shop. Once you are done with all the walking around, taste the gourmet food at ‘Bilder & De Clercq’ and enjoy the culinary experience.

The Maker Store or Maker Market

De Hallen is a cultural hub residing at the Oud-West neighborhood with shops, restaurant, cinema hall, and food hall. De Hallen welcomes Dutch artisans to the market wherein they would present the merchandized wares once a month for visitors needing unique items made in Amsterdam. If you need outfits and accessories, knickknacks and books, or cycles and furniture to take back home this is the place to be. However, if you miss the Maker Market, you can indulge in shopping at the Maker Store.

Be a Native Yourselves

Oud-West is tied to the history of the city capital alongside modern arts, music shows, and films. Lab111 often displays documentary films to both the Dutch and visitors alongside artworks, photos, and more on the exhibit floors. If you feel hungry, consider spending some bucks at the Lab111 restaurant too at the neighborhood. If time permits, pay a visit to the OT301 building at Overtoom, which displays movies and live shows and offers vegan food at the De Peper café.

Moreover, to make the most of your visit to the Dutch neighborhood you should pay a visit to the Helmersbuurt streets, which is lined up with trees.