Top 3 Places you Should Visit When you Go to Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, the capital of Netherlands, is known for its artistic legacy, slender houses, and elaborate canal system, alongside its huge range of attractions to invite the attention of travelers. Obviously, Amsterdam is one among the most admired tourist destinations in Europe, with millions of international tourists visiting the city every year.

From the colorful flower markets to the fine art museums, there is always something charming and exclusive to discover in the city. Even though every attraction in Amsterdam is worth visiting, the following are the top three places one must never miss out on when on Amsterdam tours.

Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam is home to many historically rich museums. Vincent Van Gogh museum is rich in its collection of artist’s letters and paintings. Designed in the 1970’s by Gerrit Rietveld, the museum is housed in a 4-story building.

The second story is occupied by 200 paintings from the Dutch post-impressionist, while the third story contains the story of artist’s troubled life and his hard work to restore all his paintings. On the top floor, one can see the works by Van Gogh’s contemporaries including artists like Gaugin, Millet, and Daubigny.

Canals of Amsterdam

There are hundreds of canals in Amsterdam, and for the same reason, the city is often referred to as the “Venice of the North”. The canals were built in the 17th Century to regulate the flow of Amstel River and to add dry land to the city.

The three main canals are Herengracht, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht. Visitors can see the traditional Dutch architecture while taking a boat ride through any one of the canals. The canals are home to about thousands of houseboats including houseboat hotels. Moreover, the canals are lined with lime tress and elm on either sides, and thousands of bridges cross over the waterways.


The Netherlands is famous for its beautiful variety of flowers, many of which are exclusive to the place. In fact, the Bloemenmarkt, which is located between Koningsplein and Muntplein in Amsterdam, is known to be the only floating flower market in the world.

Everyday flower sellers fill stands and floating barges with all the flowers and bulbs, which the country is famous for. The market also consists of dozens of different florists, souvenir stalls, and garden shops; you can find many varieties of narcissus, geraniums, tulips, and many other varieties of flowers here.