Top 4 Examples of Amsterdam School Architecture

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Amsterdamse School refers to a style of Dutch architecture, which traces back to the early 20th Century. There are many buildings in Amsterdam city with traces of the said architecture, some of which are listed below. If you are an admirer of architecture, do make it a point to visit these tourist attractions when on one of your Amsterdam tours.

Museum Het Schip

This museum, built by the Dutch architect named Michael de Klerk in the Amsterdamse School style, got its nickname from the wavy structure and expressive masonry. As the name implies, the museum resembles a ship when viewed from certain angles. It also gives guided tours to visitors, and displays artworks that exemplify the architecture movement.

De Dageraad

This is a Dutch complex constructed by the housing association of the same name, and refers to the Amsterdam School movement of the early 20th Century. What’s more, De Dageraad was designed by 2 founding fathers of the socialist movement, namely Piet Kramer and Michel de Klerk.

Het Scheepvaarthuis

This is arguably the most striking building which boasts of Amsterdamse School architecture, operating as Grand Hotel Amrâth. Although Joan van der Meij helmed the construction of the building in Amsterdam city, several other artists who specialized in decorative arts also collaborated with him on that. The artistry of Meij and his collaborators resulted in a building which encapsulates the history of the capital city’s shipping industry. In fact, this resemblance to a ship is one of the common features of Amsterdamse School architecture. This particular one has woodwork, stained glass, brickwork, sculpture, and alloy on its exterior. Its interior, comprising lamps and furniture, was designed by the artists and architects. On the whole, it is the maritime history of the Dutch capital that is reflected majorly here.

Tuindorp Oostzaan

This Dutch neighborhood situated in Amsterdam Noord is home to several housings that showcase Amsterdamse School architecture. Figuratively, it translates to ‘garden city,’ something which is exemplified by the verdant green trees, vegetation, and green pastures here. If you tour this area or any other listed places in this blog, you get to admire the industrial past of Amsterdam, which is worth appreciating and photographing if you are interested.