Top 4 Tourist Attractions Devoted to Tulips in the Netherlands

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Tourist Attractions In Netherlands

Visiting the Netherlands during springtime allows tourists to experience the picture postcard beauty of the Dutch tulips. Although the world-famous floating flower market, which stays open all the year round, the one along the Singel Canal is an exception to that. No matter which time of the year you travel to Amsterdam city, the Bloemenmarkt has a beauty attached to it, but the only thing is that it springs to life during the Tulip season.

Museum de Zwarte Tulp

This museum in Lisse stays open year-round except for on Mondays, National Holidays, and other days in which it stays closed. It translates to “Museum of the Black Tulip,” which houses works of art devoted to all things tulipomania, including the cup-shaped flower, hyacinths glasses, and other botanical illustrations. Visit this museum if you want to understand the history of the Dutch tulips since it came into prominence during the 16th Century and learn something about the cultivation of flower bulb in the Netherlands.

The Keukenhof Gardens

This garden in Lisse stays open only during spring or starting from late March to May second week to showcase its blooms as it has been the case each year. The flowers that blossom at the fields of the Keukenhof are a sight for the sore eyes, especially the tulip bulbs, serving as an ideal destination for tours devoted to sightseeing.

A Bike Trip to the Bollenstreek

The Flower Strip, which spans from Haarlem to Leiden cities, is one of Holland’s most unique tourist attractions that spring to life starting late March until April mid. Still, during late summer, the long stretch that spans 20 miles, offers a colorful landscape with dahlias, asters, gladioli, etc. The world-famous tourist attraction is made instantly recognizable thanks to the tulips that bloom during the spring season. A trip to the Flower Strip is best enjoyed if you explore the route on a bike, which can be the equivalent of the phrase “as far as the eye can see”.

The Amsterdam Tulip Festival

Go on Amsterdam tours in April if you love flowers, which is when the capital city hosts a festival devoted to the tulips. The citywide streets get brightened up with the colorful flower bulbs and so do the gardens of Dutch museums, private properties, and other institutes in the city.