Top 5 Sustainable Things to Do When in Amsterdam

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Just like the inhabitants of the Netherlands, even those on Amsterdam tours play a key role in keeping it a sustainable place. With its famous parks, tree-lined canals, and bicycle lanes, eco-consciousness is ingrained deeply in the Dutch way of life. You can also experience it by exploring the following sustainable things that will make your trip to Amsterdam city as green as it can be.

Explore the City on a Bicycle

The lush greenery and clean air of Amsterdam are protected by the preferred mode of transport of the Dutch people. Bicycling is a way of life for them, and well-designed lanes and flat streets in the capital city of the Netherlands make joining in easy for touring bicyclists. You can rent a bicycle and take part in this activity to keep the air clean.

Amsterdam Forests and Parks

The urban developers of Amsterdam were well ahead of time in realizing the effect green spaces would have on the wellbeing of the community. The capital city is home to plenty of trees, parks, and gardens, and there is even a forest named Amsterdamse Bos here.

Use a Pedalo for Engine-Free Canal Cruises

A Pedalo is a pleasure boat, propelled by pushing the pedals with feet. Propelling it at a leisurely pace is a fun way to explore the waterways in the Netherlands. The world-famous Canal Ring area is one of the ideal places for canal cruising, which you can do this way also. Besides not having to waste fuel, you can get a good workout and save a lot of money. If you choose this over a luxury canal cruise or a canal boat rental, then you can contribute to the sustainability.

Dine in a Former Greenhouse

De Kas restaurant on Amsterdam’s outskirts offers a delicious dining experience, so close to the nature that you will feel positively ethical (even after multiple courses and many glasses of wine). Step into this former greenhouse turned restaurant and be treated to a menu, based on fresh ingredients from its own gardens.

Have Sustainable Drinks during Amsterdam Tours

Have nutrient-packed juice from any of the cold-pressed juice bars in the city. Some local brands use organic and sustainable vegetables and fruit to make juices, smoothies, and cleansing concoctions. So make it a point to fuel up a day’s sightseeing with nutrient-rich juice too.