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The Oude Kerk is one of the youngest museums and oldest museums in Amsterdam. Several tourists who are visiting Amsterdam are surprised to hear the fact that the building was built in the early 13th Century. The Oude Kerk became a symbol of Calvinist supremacy when Protestants took control of the churches and government. The Protestants also renamed the former Catholic Church of St. Nicholas as the Old Church.

The church now serves as the setting of an art installation which “brings the Roman Catholic visual idiom back into the building”, according to the authorities of the church. The fiery color of the church is actually a slight nod to the fury and destruction of the Beeldenstorm, which preceded “Alteration” of 1578.

Once you step foot into the old church, you will be fascinated by the architectural beauty of the structure. Italian artist Giorgio Andreotta Calò has done a fine job in reminding visitors about the iconoclasm period, which happened in Oude Kerk in the late 15th Century. The artist has achieved this feat by elegantly placing filters on each of the windows, which covers a surface area of approximately 1600 square meters.

All the light, which enters into the church, is red in color during the daytime. The light inside the church starts to appear glow red in color at night. As you would probably know, red lights are actually an essential part of the city’s prostitution, which brings thousands of tourists to this part of Amsterdam.

The Oude Kerk of Amsterdam has a lot to tell you about the past and present of the Dutch capital. In addition to that, Oude Kerk installation also happens to be a visual reconciliation with the Catholic community of Amsterdam. Oude Kerk was extensively restored between 1955 and 2013 and this monument was also promoted by the officials as one of the iconic historical monuments in the city with contemporary art.

It might come as a surprise to many tourists when they hear the fact that this Amsterdamian church has become one of the imposing Gothic ecclesiastical buildings in northern Europe. The church is open to the public on all days and it is also used for several cultural and religious activities. So, try to add Oude Kerk to your list of places to see while you are visiting the Red Light District of Amsterdam.