Visiting the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam

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With its wealth of museums, Amsterdam promises a unique opportunity for visitors to know more about a certain subject. Besides its mainstream museums that are incredibly popular among visitors on Amsterdam tours, there exist many other museums in the city, which are less visited yet have unique attractions.

The Tropenmuseum is one such tropical museum that offers a truly unique experience to the visitors. Located in East Amsterdam known as Amsterdam Oost, the Tropenmuseum remains the one place where visitors can learn about the rich cultures of other countries and lands.

A Short History

Originally known as the Colonial Museum, the Tropenmuseum was built in 1864 in Haarlem featuring numerous objects sourced from the Dutch colonies. After the independence of Indonesia, the museum changed its focus and began covering the tropical regions around the world. The current building that houses the Tropenmuseum opened its doors to the public in 1926 and has remained ever since as a valuable source about the tropical lands.


The Tropenmuseum is a tropical museum in Amsterdam that houses several exhibitions that are mainly focused on artifacts sourced from the tropical regions. The exhibits are divided based on different continents beginning with South America and continuing with Africa and Asia. Tropenmuseum also conducts several temporary exhibitions on numerous topics.

The exhibits presented inside the Tropenmuseum rely on a combination of sound, light, multimedia, aroma, etc., to immerse the visitors in the exhibit. In fact, the museum has an incredible collection of various objects with immense historical value. There is even a separate part of the museum intended especially for children known as Tropenmuseum Junior.

The Building

The building that hosts Tropenmuseum is lavishly spaced and richly constructed. This is especially the case with the middle part constructed as a large gallery space that is accessible via all the floors. The large space offers excellent transparency for the visitors to comfortably view the exhibits. Besides, the audiovisual presentation is one highlight of this museum, which is accessible to all even the children.

Opening Hours and Reaching There

The Tropenmuseum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 05:00 pm. The museum remains closed on Mondays with the exception of public and school holidays. A ten-minute walk from Waterlooplein to the Plantage Middenlaan will allow one to reach the Tropenmuseum. In case of public transport, enter tram 9, 14 from the Central Station and get down at the stop Alexanderplein to visit the Tropenmuseum.