Finding a Place among the Royal Highness on a Saturday in London

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Witnesses say that the Horse Guard Parade in Whitehall had kept Brits and tourists breathless this time around as well. A tourist would get to see royal horses accompanied by British trumpeters once the guards get the parade underway on the parade ground. In fact, changing the Queen’s guards on the Horse Guards Parade would take place daily in July this year and as per schedules. Central London is going to be the place where horses align in broad daylight.

The Queen’s Life Guard is transferred by men of responsibility. The Household Division, a regimen featuring guards on red tunics as well as white plumed helmets, stay on one side of St. James and Buckingham Palace courtyard, whereas Blues and Royals sit on horses facing opposite at the other end.

The parade would last for up to 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday at 11:00 am and at 10:00 am during Sundays. However, it would be better to confirm scheduled dates, as the ceremonial duties for the guards and state occasions could bring changes to the Changing the Queen’s Life Guard parade.

Once the guards arrive at the site, the trumpeters of both squadrons salute the Royal Highness by playing the trumpet, which is repeated when the old guards depart the site. What’s more, a tourist could take photographs of the special event in Whitehall and stay enthralled at the Buckingham Palace courtyard. Getting to know the who’s who present for the occasion is pivotal and below is an introduction to the Guards and the Parade.

The Long Guard

The squadron consists of an officer, one apiece Major Corporal and Trumpeter, two NCO officers, and ten troopers. The Long Guard squadron mounts as the Royal Highness resides in the Buckingham Palace.

The Short Guard

Two NCO officers and ten troopers make the Short Guard squadron. The squadron mounts even as the Royal Highness is absent at the Buckingham Palace.

The Parade ground at the Palace courtyard is not only the venue for Horse Guard Parade, but also conducts The England Queen’s Birthday Parade annually, which was last held on June 17, 2017. The Horses, the Brits, and the visitors present at the Parade ground in Whitehall were left breathless back then. It is to be noted the event is exclusive to the London old city tour and the walking tours of London.