London Duck Tours are Vanishing from Thames – Grab your Seat Fast

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London Duck Tours

London Duck Tours vehicles are truly amphibious passenger carriers that can move on land and water. These yellow vehicles are very common sight on the Thames River and on the South Bank in London city. However, they are to disappear because of the “super sewer” project at Albert Embankment. If you wish to jump in one of those vehicles, but never got a chance, then you don’t have much time left. Grab a seat fast.

The Duck Tours will cease operation on September 18, 2017, as they have lost access to the Lacks Dock slipway due to the sewer project at the Albert Embankment. The Thames Water and Thames Tideway have leased the site that is near to the MI6 Building of Vauxhall and will use the place as a work site for the ‘super sewer’ project. The slipway is the place where the vehicle of Duck Tours plunges into the Thames River before it starts its journey towards the Houses of Parliament, which is the important money shot of the tour.

These vehicles have been an iconic part of London old city tour for about fifteen years; however, September 18 will be the last day of these vehicles on the water of Thames River. The Thames Water and Thames Tideway have reclaimed the slipway used by these vehicles so that it can be used as a part of the 4.2-billion-pounds project. Moreover, the London Duck Tours was not able to find an alternative docking station in Central London, so they have been forced to stop their operations.

John Bigos, who is the managing director of London Duck Tours, said, “18th September will be a very sad day for the company, which was going from strength to strength, but it was vital not to delay construction of this much needed infrastructure project. Tourists worldwide and Londoners will surely miss our iconic bright yellow DUKWs travelling around town. They have become a landmark in their own right.”

Reports say that about 2 million passengers have traveled in these vehicles since the opening of London Duck Tours in 2002. In fact, the first prototypes of these vehicles were invented in Second World War, and it is not yet clear if they will look for any other docking sites.