Wonders of British Museum That you Should not Miss in London Tours

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British Museum Wonders

The British Museum is free, meaning that you can visit the museum as often as you want in your London tours, when you are near the Holborn area. However, with a maze of rooms and so many exhibits, you can get easily overloaded. To help you make the most of your tour of British Museum, we have selected some of the must-see objects at the museum.

Colossal Horse from Halikarnassos

While in the British Museum, you can visit the room of the Mausoleum at Halikarnassos. It was constructed in the fourth century BC in Bodrum, Turkey. It is this huge tomb, which gave us the term ‘Mausoleum.’ The tomb was decorated with big sculptures. The enormous horse made from marble, displayed in room number twenty-one of the British Museum, was once a part of a chariot group in the Mausoleum.

Three Human Figurines

You will feel excited when you see these humble objects made from clay. The three human figurines displayed in room number fifty-nine of the British Museum are from Bab edh-Dhra, near the Dead Sea. These figurines are reported to be around 5,000 years old. These figures have the best caption in the museum: ‘Two of them certainly represent men. The third is either female or has lost a small piece of clay’.

Clarence’s Truck

You should not think that everything displayed in the museum is very old. The place has a growing collection of art and artifacts from different cultures all over the world. The Clarence’s Truck is a silver ring in the shape of a Dodge pick-up van and was made in 1998 by a silversmith named Clarence Lee. The ring was made as part of a tradition of American metalworking that dates back to 150 years. You can find the Clarence’s Truck in room number twenty.

Copper Coffee House Token

British Museum has a gallery devoted to money. This coin is from the seventeenth century, when money was much easy to fake. This is why even the original ones were unregulated and were considered worthless sometimes. Coffee houses were the place where people went to gossip, to be seen, and to show other etching of cats, etc. These coffee houses started offering their coins that these houses and their clients trusted. This is one such coin and you can find this copper coin in the room number sixty-eight of the museum.