British Museum Exhibit Provides Kiddy Interaction with Augmented Reality Games

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Augmented Reality Games

The Samsung Digital Recovery Center unveiled its functions two years ago, and now an augmented reality app has been launched at the Parthenon exhibit of the British Museum. Apparently, the technology embracement would provide augmented learning’s to the kids who tour British Museum with parents.

Most of the touring parents would find it difficult to keep their kids engaged at the main exhibits of a museum for they are usually quieter places. But now, parents can engage kids in a fun and holy gaming session at the British Museum and make them learn about the ancient artifacts belonging to the Greeks with the interactive app.

The Parthenon sculptures entered the British Museum in 1817, and its origins have been subject to studies and discussions among the Brits and even the cultures in Europe. It is said that the arrival of the sculptures in London was meant as a prompt for the Brits to learn western tastes. By installing the augmented reality games on the app, kids, or anyone for that matter, can simply point their tablets at a Parthenon sculpture and watch it tell moving tales concerning the ancient Greece.

The game ‘A Gift for Athena’ and the tablets to play the same would be provided by the museum authorities so that the kids need not look further than breaking down the challenging levels in the game.

At the first level, kids are given some sculptural outlines in a museum tablet and they shall find the sculpture that fit into the outline by pointing the tablet to the sculpture. This would tell kids that the pointed sculpture belongs to so and so period, as to whom it represents, and where it was originally located on the Parthenon temple. The subsequent gaming feeds would challenge the kid’s intellect and make them interact with each sculpture until a portion of Greece is revealed.

It is not guaranteed that kids of all age would learn everything Greece at once from the Parthenon exhibit, but the augmented reality game is designed to enhance the place. However, you would have to wait until the gifting process at the end of the British museum guided tour to learn more about the Greek artifacts. All kids tour British Museum for free, and if they clear the four gaming levels, the game ends with kids meeting the goddess Athena.