Interesting Facts about the Trafalgar Square in London

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What makes London so distinctive from the other cities in Europe is its busy streets and squares. Densely packed with the hustle and bustle of the city, the squares of London have in fact become popular places for visitors on London walking tours. The Trafalgar Square is the most famous of them all and virtually the center of London.

A must visit place for first-time visitors; Trafalgar Square offers a true delight to the senses. Besides, it is one place where to visit to have a glimpse at the true life and spirit of London. Below are some interesting facts about the Trafalgar Square in London.

The Nelson’s Column

Nelson’s Column is the located right in the center of Trafalgar Square. It is a key attraction in the square, which was built in 1843 to commemorate the contributions of Admiral Horatio Nelson who played a pivotal role in the victory of the British at the Battle of Trafalgar. With a height of 169 feet and 3 inches, Nelson’s Column stands high in the square. Four relief panels decorate the pedestal of the column, which depicts Nelson’s famous battles The Nile, Copenhagen, Cape St. Vincent and his death at Trafalgar.

Norway’s Christmas Tree

The Trafalgar Square is adorned with a Christmas tree every year. It is gifted by Norway as a token of gratitude for the help given by the British during the Second World War. This huge Christmas tree is about 60 feet tall and decorated with about 500 white lights. Visiting the Trafalgar Square in December would be a great way to enjoy this huge Christmas tree fully illuminated.

World’s Smallest Police Phone Box

Located on the southeast corner of Trafalgar Square is the world’s smallest police phone box. The Scotland Yard installed it in 1926 with a light and telephone line, so that the police could quickly call for assistance. This phone line is directly connected to the New Scotland Yard. Yet today, this police box is used by the cleaners as a storage room.

Bronze Lions

Four bronze lions stand guard at Nelson’s column and is another key attraction in the square. These lions were added later to the square in 1868 and were designed by the renowned sculptor Sir Edwin Landseer. It is believed that these four lions were made of bronze melted down from cannons from old battleships.

London Traffic

The Trafalgar Square is a major traffic crossroad in London with about seventeen bus routes passing through it. This makes the Square an interesting mix of both vehicles and pedestrians. A notable place called Charring Cross located south of Trafalgar Square is a small traffic island where all distances to London are calculated.