London Markets Make the City into an Old Country

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London Walking Tours
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The city of London hosts plenty of markets to tourists who shop around and has many marketable places to hop along. From colorful flowers to clothes and antique pieces, an emigrant tourist may find virtually everything in the old country. If you are planning to book a ticket to London with a travel agent, you can mark down the below markets in your London walking tours map.

Markets in Epicenter London

The borough market is open on Mondays and Saturdays only, but you can afford to taste the smell of yummy food in any of the stalls there on any day. A good place to grab lunch, the market stays always active with self-serving stalls and mouth-watering food.

The London old city tour offers gourmet food that may fill your appetite and some are available in the borough market. The London epicenter is home to the Covent Garden too, which stage street performances every day by the cafes.

Heading to Markets in North London

In North London, you can find two markets giving tourists some good ways to spend. If you are planning to make your ends meet with some Euros, you can head to the Camden Lock.

The Lock opens day in day out and has designer clothes and furniture to explore in your London walking tours. In the Islington Farmer’s Market, however, you can find fruits vegetables in approximately thirty stalls on Sundays.

Spending Bill in West London

The Londoners are familiar with the Portobello Road, the same market where they shot the “Notting Hill” movie. Actor Hugh Grant walked slowly through the seasoned stalls in the Portobello Road, which has been around since the eighteenth century. The namesake owes it to the Notting Hill tube station at the far end of the road.

Southern Markets in London

Those on London walking tours pass through the Greenwich Market welcome sign by the Cutty Sark. The Market hosts special antique pieces on every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Whereas, if you consider yourself a fine arts lover, the best time to visit South London market would be on Wednesdays or the Weekends.

The Maltby Street Market is a foodie’s paradise situated near the London Bridge and to the South. In fact, these markets are part of what makes London an old country. The London old city tour welcomes touring parties from all across the globe to these expressive markets.