Things to Do in London This October

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Things To Do In OCtober

The month of October marks the arrival of autumn in the city of London, but this doesn’t mean that the city will be less crowded during the month. This incredible city and its residents do not hibernate and wait for Christmas during this time of the year; instead, they go out and welcome the autumn by hosting several exciting and entertaining events.

If you want to enjoy London to the fullest and explore the romantic side of the city, then you must schedule your London walking tours this October. It is time to take a short walk through the streets of the city, enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants, and admire the beauty and elegance of the city. Below are some of the highlighting events in London this month.

Dark Arts at Warner Bros. Studio

If you are a huge fan of the Harry Potter movies, then you must head straight to the Warner Bros. Studios when you are in London. Get ready to explore the darker and creepier side of JK Rowling’s creations and the eerie aspects of the movie saga at the studio. The Great Hall in the studio will also be decorated with hundred 100 floating pumpkins and the banqueting tables would be laden down with bubbling cauldrons, candies, and apples.

London Film Festival

One of the major events hosted in the city of London in October is certainly the BFI London Film Festival. The 61st edition of this prestigious film festival will be the biggest celebration of international movies from the preceded year. Movie lovers who are going on a London old city tour this month should try to attend this event, as it will make their London tour a lot more delightful and memorable. If you are fortunate, you might be also able to see some of your favorite Hollywood stars during the event.

Illuminating India

Illuminating India is actually a special exhibition with several events and exhibitions, which is primarily focused on celebrating India’s contribution to mathematics, technology, and science. This special exhibition will be held at the Science Museum of London from the first week of October and it will last until the last week of March 2018. The authorities are offering a free exhibition entry to visitors, but they will have to pay admission costs for some events.