What Lies Ahead for Next Year’s Tourists inside the British Museum

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Many believe that most of the overseas visitors tour British Museum in London for free. If you are the one to have attended private tour British Museum, consider yourselves fortunate. Time is arriving soon when the Museum in London may get revamped. Below is what lies ahead for next years’ tourists, and what precedes the revamps inside the British Museum.

A History of the World in 100 Objects

According to Director Hartwig Fischer, the British Museum had lent several artifacts to hundreds of museums all over the world in the previous year alone. “A History of the World in 100 Objects” by former director Neil MacGregor explored the history of museum artifacts dating back two million years ago to the contemporary ones.

The BBC channel aired stories of Egyptian mummies and the rest 99 in the Radio 4 series of the same name. A History of the World in 100 Objects has been seen by millions worldwide, has delighted art lovers in National Museum of Australia, and the National Museum of China.

Role of External Research by the British Museum

Research and history have been the backbone of the British Museum and their push for renewal and cultural exhibits. Up to four million US dollars went into the research, in parts for the Hokusai exhibit inside the British Museum. The Hokusai Exhibit runs until August this year and displays for free to paid museum members with optional advance booking for art lovers. In the Hokusai Exhibit, one could get to see a digitally reconstructed version of the Jericho skull alongside recycled collections of Sir Hans Sloane.

Upcoming Art Galleries inside the British Museum

The British Museum in London would open three new galleries expectedly in 2018. The “Sir Joseph Hotung Gallery of China and South Asia” in the British Museum would explore the history of China and South Asia from the past and until next year. On the other hand, the “Albukhary Foundation Galleries of the Islamic World” would bring stories of Islamic faith, from its advent and until next year.

“The Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries” would also be refurbished and are expected to bring back the stories of prehistoric Japan to the futuristic present. The British Museum continues to play a main role among the Brits, Londoners, and many tourists, and it will surely touch the lives of many in the days to come.