3 Smart Solutions To Improve Cell Signal Strength Inside Your Home

A lot of people are suffering from different problems caused by poor cell reception. This is especially true for those living in rural and remote areas. Some people living in urban areas also experience such problems, because of the blocking of cell signals by building materials. Low signal strength is becoming a common problem that affects a large number of people irrespective of the area they live in. If you are also wondering how to get better cell signal inside your home, then this article can be helpful. We list some smart solutions that can help you to get better connectivity.

Cellular Signal Booster

These devices are now becoming widely popular for their capacity to effectively boost cell signals. They can receive signals from the outside, boot them and broadcast them to the areas you need. These devices will boost the strength of the low-quality signals, thereby providing you better connectivity.

There are different types of cell phone boosters that are designed for use in various locations like your home, office, or vehicles. Hence, it will be possible for you to get a booster that can perfectly fit your requirements.

One of the important benefits of cellular signal boosters is that they are capable of boosting the signals from multiple carriers and cell towers. Hence, you will need only one cell signal booster even if there are users of different service providers in your home or office.

The coverage of cell phone boosters can vary greatly. It ranges from a single room to an entire college campus. Also, the number of users they can accommodate will also be different.


Femtocells are small devices that act as micro base stations of your cell signal provider. They are actually a small cell tower, but they have a very short range, which is almost 10 meters. If you are able to convince your carrier that the area you live in has extremely poor cell reception, then they will provide you with a femtocell for getting better connectivity inside your building.

Make Calls Over Wi-Fi

If you have a Wi-Fi connection inside your building, then you can easily make calls over this network. There are different mobile applications that will help you to make calls over the internet including Skype, Whatsapp, etc. Wi-Fi calling will let you make calls without having to spend extra money.

Poor cell reception can be a really frustrating problem. The above solutions will help you to get better connectivity inside your home or office so that you can enjoy uninterrupted cell service.