Where To Buy CBD In Amsterdam

Cannabidiol oil is an organic product made from hemp’s seeds and stalk, and it has a large amount of the phytocannabinoid known as ‘CBD’. Cannabidiol is among the 80-plus known cannabis Sativa compounds, and it is the most active cannabinoid in the plant after THC.

The Netherlands legislation tolerates a cannabidiol product’s sale as long as it only contains 0.05% or less THC. Holland is the biggest producer of industrial hemp in Europe. Besides, there is a large customer base for hemp CBD oil in the country. Oddly enough, the nation’s legislation does not allow extracting cannabinoids from hemp. So this process takes place elsewhere, and the extracted substances are imported to the nation so that CBD products can be made domestically.

Some products boast Swiss-quality, so naturally, many customers seek these items. If you are also looking to buy CBD in Amsterdam or elsewhere in the Netherlands, know that quality may come at a high cost. Now, let us take a look at some of the stores where you can find various CBD products in Amsterdam.

Conventional CBD Stores In Amsterdam

When Nature Calls

This business has a cannabis dispensary known as ‘Smartshop’, which is situated nearby the beautiful Keizersgracht. For your information, the word ‘gracht’ translates to canal. ‘When Nature Calls’ is Amsterdam’s best-known establishment for an array of cannabis-based products. It was launched in the late 1990s, so the business has already witnessed several changes in Holland’s cannabis segment. It also operates as a web store.

One of the incredible aspects of the establishment is that it offers international delivery for free. Many of the goods that it delivers are usable for any purpose, whether it is medicinal or recreational. Besides recreational cannabis derivatives, the business offers medical marijuana goods and food supplements that contain cannabidiol. Many different sorts of CBD-filled products are available here, including chocolate.

Goldfish Amsterdam

This Amsterdam web store offers things such as chocolate, coffee, dog treats, essential oils, honey, and hardy candy all filled with cannabidiol. Another unique offering of it is a range of CBD bath bombs. Generally, a bath bomb contains certain substances that produce bubbles when it is wet. One uses the product for adding color and fragrance to the water in their bath. CBD bath bombs can do that and more. These take your bathing experience to the next level through the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol.

Goldfish Amsterdam believes that everybody should get cannabidiol’s health benefits, so it is devoted to offering premium CBD goods at cheap rates without skimping on quality. It uses EU-approved hemp cultivated with sustainable methods. No pesticide, heavy metal, or inorganic fertilizer is used in hemp’s development, and the plant contains no genetically modified material.

Goldfish Amsterdam extracts cannabidiol from that hemp with CO2 (carbon dioxide), and it further purifies the CBD extract. Besides, it does laboratory testing for the CBD products it sells. The extraction and testing processes ensure that the CBD isolate items are free of tetrahydrocannabinol, any solvents, and contaminants. The store offers delivery to any nation in the EU, where cannabidiol is legal, and the UK.

Amsterdam Genetics

This web store offers many different goods, including clothing, cannabis seeds, and CBD products. It has CBD items containing tetrahydrocannabinol, which does not exceed the level that breaches the Netherlands and EU’s legislation. Under the EU’s laws, no CBD product should contain more than 0.2% THC.

You can find some of the most sought-after CBD product types here, such as gummies, oil, salve, and cream. This gives you enough options as far as CBD use is concerned. For instance, if you wish not to ingest THC, then a CBD topical product such as the salve or cream might be your best option.

Amsterdam Genetics delivers products to many nations, including the Netherlands. It offers free shipping service to several countries based on the price of the ordered products. We wonder why it offers clothing made from cotton and recycled polyester, alongside other products that have nothing to do with fashion. Maybe it is part of Amsterdam Genetics’ merchandising policy given that many of its clothing products have the store’s name. Anyhow, clothing does appear to be the odd one out in the product catalog of the store.

Tatanka Amsterdam

Tatanka describes itself as a ‘smartshop’, which is a variant for a standard e-commerce store, but it also has physical shops in Amsterdam city. It is named after Tatanka buffalo. The web store’s catalog includes mind-altering products, energy supplements, CBD seeds, CBD crystalline powder products, CBD capsules, and oil. The shop has an array of accessories designed for cannabis/CBD vaping or smoking enthusiasts.

This is another ecommerce store that sells T-shirts. One wonders what products like cannabidiol and clothing made from standard fabrics have in common.

It delivers products to almost every nation that is part of the European Union, including the Netherlands. If you spend more than €125 on a product, it will deliver the item for free to your EU-based residence. The use of every product available in the store is legally allowed in Holland.

Multitrance Amsterdam

This is a retail and wholesale business that is into making edibles and other food items from the cannabis plant. It has been selling an extensive variety of cannabis-derived edibles for the last three decades. It delivers products to many nations in Europe and elsewhere. Free delivery is available for every retail order of more than €100 in any European place.

There are standard CBD products on the website, plus a small catalog of cannabis beers. Every hemp, cannabis, and CBD product that it sells is legal in the Netherlands. The products have no tetrahydrocannabinol content, so none of these has a mind-altering effect. So you can rest assured that you will have the beneficial properties of cannabis sativa-derived ingredients, without THC’s psychoactive high. Besides, all of these items have been through testing procedures, to ensure their safety and purity.

Dutch Natural Healing

This is a web store that sells cannabidiol oil goods, made from industrial hemp components in the Netherlands. None of these products has over 0.05% tetrahydrocannabinol, so you have nothing to bother about as far as its legality is concerned. Every single product available on the web-store is legally permitted to use in the Netherlands as well. The shop delivers products to nations only within the European Union.

Dutch Natural Healing’s goods are fully organic and pleasant in taste, plus these have the concentrations of cannabidiol that can be easily dosed. There are unique products here, including cannabidiol-infused water known as ‘CBDactive+’. Dutch Natural Healing sells it as a substitute for standard cannabidiol oil. The product can dissolve in water, so according to Dutch Natural Healing, it has the most bioavailability out of all CBD items available on the store. Another interesting aspect of ‘CBDactive+’ is that it can be inhaled using an inhaler or nebulizer.

Coffeeshops In Amsterdam

As with some other cities in Europe, a coffee shop in the Dutch capital is no conventional cafe. Instead, it is a cannabis store that also sells coffee, plus light food items and drinks. In other words, the main items here are cannabis derivatives rather than coffee.

1e Hulp

This is among the best stores for Dutch people, tourists, and cannabis lovers. It is situated in North Holland, on Marnixstraat. For your information, the Dutch term ‘straat’ means street. The location is no tourist trap, so one can spend an evening here just relaxing and having fun. 1e Hulp provides some of the best weed and hash strains that are grown from excellent cannabis sativa seeds.

Both CBD-rich and THC-dominant cannabis strains are available in the store. So you might want to use one of these two types of products depending on how you want to get your fix of the phytocannabinoids. The coffeeshop has a decor of the Middle-Eastern style, plus the kind of vibe that makes it ideal for using cannabis. Besides a range of smokable products, it serves various drinks that include coffee and tea.


A Dutch coffeeshop with a funky-looking facade is Katsu. The name of the cannabis store in De Pijp itself has ‘cool’ written all over it. Katsu offers a diverse range of both Dutch and global smoking items and accessories. Inside, there are framed pictures on the walls. A ‘Katsu Gallery’ picture of particular significance to cannabis lovers may be the one showing Mick Jagger, Bob Marley, and Peter Tosh. All three of them are well-known musicians and proponents of cannabis.

Many previous users recommend the cannabis collection in Katsu, which makes it a worthy place to have your fill of essential cannabinoids. The best time to visit Katsu is the summer because then you will have seats on the store’s terrace, with a view of the stunning Sarphatipark.

Green House

A coffee shop of the same name is at Haarlemmerstraat 64, Waterlooplein 345, Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191, and Tolstraat 91. Each ‘Green House’ store offers some of Amsterdam’s finest cannabis-based products. An interesting aspect of Green House is that celebrities visit it to smoke cannabis. So go into it expecting to be star-struck seeing a celebrity here. The products it offers include CBD seeds that are high in cannabidiol, cannabis pre-rolls, and hashish.


If standard CBD boutiques situated anywhere in Europe have to improve something, it is their naming. These cannabis stores that also sell coffee have very unique names. Many individuals seeking the best coffeeshop experience in Amsterdam usually go to Abraxas. The place has a great collection of cannabis varieties here, with some rich in cannabidiol and others high in THC.