Important SEO Knowledge you Need to Have in 2019

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SEO has a crucial role in digital marketing today. As a result, there is a rising demand for SEO professionals with a high degree of SEO knowledge. There are always new updates in SEO that you will have to stay in front of your competitors when it comes to knowledge. Even the experienced professionals of SEO company Los Angeles admit that there are always areas for improvement. Below is a discussion about the essential SEO knowledge you need to have in 2019.

Audience Research

Keyword research has evolved from what used to be a shortsighted effort. There is a pressing need to understand your audience better. This includes an understanding of the psychographics and the demographics. The knowledge of the type of content that attracts more audience is of more value now. This will help in improving lead, engagement, and sales of the website. Even if you are working for a range of clients or a single customer, you should have the ability to visualize your goals and make the effort to learn about the audience all the way from search query to the final goal.

Competitor Research

Having a good idea about the competitors is as important as anything in SEO. Simply following the best practices will only leave you with normal results. Instead, observing and learning from those who are currently receiving the highest share of the audience will only help you improve your efforts. For instance, you can pay attention to the external and on-page factors of these pages and gain a better understanding of the successful trends.

Web Analytics

SEO experts should be able to assess the performance of their own efforts. You should be able to get a fair idea about the efforts and strategy of your own SEO campaigns. Further, you should be able to successfully report this to the stakeholders responsible. Expertise with Google Analytics is considered a must in this regard.


Tracking is yet another essential domain that you should be skilled in. you should act as the point between your web developers, website, or with your IT teams and make sure that the tracking scripts are implemented properly. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and heatmaps are some of the areas where you will have to be knowledgeable. Many of the trackings are comparatively easy while the occasional troubleshooting and working with the team is underrated and is of high value.

Overall, SEO knowledge is something that has to be updated regularly. Above are some of the best practices that will help you in running a successful campaign.