How Much Automobile Insurance Coverage Does One Require In California?

Automobile Insurance Coverage
Automobile Insurance Coverage

You have to have mandatory auto insurance in California and not carrying it will invite harsh penalties. California necessitates that drivers have injury liability insurance coverage amount of $15,000 for each individual, or $30,000 for each accident, at the least.

When any form of accident happens in the state, those injuries are paid through automobile liability insurance most of the time. In California, the insurer of the at-fault party must pay for the damages of the one injured in the accident.

Protecting Yourself In Case another One Is Guilty or You Are Hurt

It is a wise idea to have as high a liability insurance coverage as affordable to you. It can cover your injuries and/or losses should you cause severe damage to a different party. However, what if you also get injured in an accident you caused, or are struck by one that does not have enough insurance or lacks insurance to compensate for your damages?

This is precisely where having other forms of insurance in high amounts becomes significant, as well. Continue to read this article to know the kinds of insurance coverage we recommend having, with as much amount of money affordable to you.

Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Although one is not required by California’s law to have medical payments insurance coverage, every driver should buy such coverage. It will pay for the injuries of automobile occupants in the event of an accident, no matter who is at fault. The minimum coverage amount you may buy for personal injury protection coverage is $1,000 per injured person. You can purchase a higher amount, though, and we recommend this move.

Collision Coverage

This coverage will come into play when an accident occurs, and it will pay for damage to your automobile if it crashes with an object or another auto. Your vehicle’s market value will determine how much compensation will be provided through collision coverage. It will pay for damage to your automobile, whether or not you are to blame for that accident causing the said damage.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance

This may be the most significant form of supplemental coverage you can purchase in California. Insurers have to offer you such coverage; California does not mandate that you buy it, but you should. It will provide money for your property damage and injuries when the guilty motorist has insufficient insurance, or they have no insurance for the same. It will give you up to $3,500 for your property damage; bodily injury insurance coverage is typically the same amount as your automobile liability coverage for such injury.