Using the Digital Signage Technology Creatively

Digital signage has been widening its area of impact with each passing day and businesses, big and small have realized the power it has. The world was never static, and digital signage offers advertising options that suit the dynamic face of the world better.

Conventional ways of advertising has its limitations and LED digital signage helps you cross the limits and take advertising to a whole new level. Here are some of the creative ways to make the best use of digital signage.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is the technology that offers visions and experience that are unreal but appear convincing like reality. Increasing the level of engagement of the customers can have a direct impact on the brand profile and incorporating augmented reality into digital signage meets the target so easily.

Interactive Games

Gaming is a task that involves high level of user participation and the trending games of present day is a complete audio and visual experience. To increase the involvement of the customers and make them take more interest in the brand, many digital signage games use gaming technology to take the customer experience to a whole new level.

To generate user interest in the games, create a leaderboard displaying the names of the top scorers and offer them special prizes.


Before some years, static wayfinding boards were the only way for navigation, but things have changed now with dynamic wayfinding boards. This dynamic solution offers you realtime solutions and the possibilities are limitless with this digital signage technique.

Wayfinding boards are not a boring display board that flashes information on its screen but is an interactive tool with touch-enabled displays. You can touch, swipe or zoom in the map to get the detailed map information like shortest route between two locations and many more.

Social Media

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that user-generated content like social media content has more importance than even the brand-generated content. Integration of digital signage with social media feeds make people feel more connected with the brand and turn them into loyal customers. For example, run a twitter campaign and display the tweets and responses in the display screen. If you want to display a more visually appealing content, go for displaying instagram posts with the hashtag on your signage display screen.

As of now, no technology has come up to challenge the reign of digital signage in the business world and enterprises are increasingly approaching digital signage companies to give a boost to their  business.