An Overview of the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam and its Significance to the Dutch

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Sinterklaas or Saint Nicholas arrives at the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam as a Dutch tradition by November-mid each year. This is often referred to as the ‘maritime arrival’ amongst the Dutch community.

Amsterdam’s affinity with waterways on an everyday basis has led to history of trade that revolves around the sea. Dutch sailors have achieved glorious feats including everything from trade inside Europe to globetrotting the world, thanks to the waterways in Amsterdam. You can explore more than 500 years of Dutch history in the Maritime Museum, which is dedicated to the sea explorers of foregone past. The museum features world maps, replicas of ships, antique weaponry alongside paintings.

The Maritime Museum also provides visitors an opportunity to onboard a replica of an ancient ship named ‘The Amsterdam’. The ship named after the country wrecked when it was on a voyage through the insurmountable English Channel to the East Indies in 18th Century.

The historical building in the Dutch capital occupies the site of Admiralty of Amsterdam in all its glory. If you are planning to take Amsterdam museum tours covering Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum at Museumplein, this particular one at Kattenburgerplein is well worth a visit too. Explore the Dutch Golden Age when on Maritime Museum, and understand what constitutes native trade among other things during 17th Century. Stroll below the glass ceilings of the museum courtyard if only to appreciate its intricate construction.

On a trivia to begin with, the museum was a warehouse of the war fleet of the Dutch built way back in 17th Century, and was used by the Holland Navy for several years in the past. If you can add this museum to your private Rijksmuseum tour itinerary, it will make your overall trip to museums in Amsterdam city quite memorable.

Maritime Museum is a 20-minute walk away from Amsterdam Central Station on an approximate if you are in the city capital for the first or umpteenth time. Maritime Museum will give you glimpse of Dutch history, which are sure to amuse kids and adults alike. In fact, some would say that children would love the museum in Amsterdam maybe as much as they do sweets.