Celebrate Your Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is one of the best cities in the world that offer great freedom, adventures, and entertainment to both natives and tourists. Along with this, it is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The beautiful canals and tulips in every nook and cranny add more beauty and elegance to city and make you fall in love with the city.

Who doesn’t love to explore the city of Amsterdam and rekindle their romance during the Valentine’s Day? If you are planning to express your love to your loved one to take your relationship to the next level, then it is best to go on an Amsterdam tour with your loved one during the month of Febraury.

If you are planning to surprise your partner with such a wonderful gift this valentine’s day; here are some tips that will make your day even more special.

Stroll Through Wedding Wonderland

The best way to express your love is by taking your partner to the world of Dutch wedding designs. Moreover, there is nothing more beautiful and romantic than wandering through the streets of wedding wonderland holding hands and getting lost in each other. The bridal fairs and exhibitions here will give some goals for your upcoming wedding as well. While sauntering through these streets, don’t forget to stop at some food stalls and savor the Valentine’s Day special delicacies.

Love Skating in the Snow Planet

What is more romantic than holding the hands of your loved one and skating on the ice in the Snow Planet of Amsterdam? It is obvious that you will fall down most of the time if you are not trained well. Yet, it will be really romantic to slide over the ice floors while pulling each other down constantly.

The mischievous and loud laughter of the couples, wonderful lightings, chilled floors, and warm hearts make the ambiance even more cozy and pleasant. Nevertheless, complete your Valentine’s Day with a romantic dinner and make the night memorable.

Love Boat

What is a better way to enjoy the charismatic beauty of Amsterdam than cruising through the picturesque canals over here? The ride will be fine and dandy if your partner is at your side, especially on Valentine’s Day.

Amsterdam offers various romantic Valentine’s Day cruises where you can share your special moments floating over the beautiful canals. Furthermore, the candlelight dinner with music and the cool breeze will spice up your night.

Magere Brug

Complete your day at the Magere Brug, also known as the skinny bridge that is located over the River Amstel. It is believed that whoever kisses each other on or under this beautiful bridge will be blessed with eternal love. So don’t hesitate, steal a kiss from your partner over the bridge that is decorated beautiful lights, and be blessed with eternal love on Valentine’s Day. Additionally, the canals and Amsterdam city in the background will help you seize the moment.