Itinerary for a 3-Day Trip to Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Amsterdam is a great city to enjoy all the pleasures of traveling. Even if you are a little short on time, it offers great prospects that will guarantee that you return home with a lot of memories. Below are some of the major attractions of Amsterdam that you can cover on a 3-day tour.

Visit the Gingerbread Houses

Right outside the Centraal station, you will be able to spot the gingerbread facades at the Damrak. It is the beginning of many canal tours in Amsterdam. Get there and capture a picture from the pier, with a view of the houses lined up beside the canal. Further up, the Nieuwebrugsteeg street offers a great example of typical Dutch architecture.

The Aerial View from Oude Kerk

The famous old church, Oude Kerk has situated nearby the Red Light District. It offers an excellent view of the city. The construction has completed in gothic style and the building is also the oldest in the entire city (dating back to 1213). Contrastingly, there are modern exhibits on the interior walls of the place. The climb to the top of the building is where the view awaits you on the tours in Amsterdam.

The Dam Square

The Dam Square is where the royal palace is situated. Besides, the national monument and the Nieuwe Kerk are also located in this very place. It also serves as the connecting point of the major shopping districts of the city – Nieuwendijk and Kalverstraat. Apart from these, you will notice de Bijenkorf, a huge luxury shopping mall, and Madame Tussauds in the neighborhood. The place is usually filled with street performances and festivities.

The Hidden Begijnhof Garden

Begijnhof is a secluded garden, which is not very famous among travelers. That means you can have a peaceful time here. It is a middle-age construction, which was built as a replacement to a convent. It is situated close to the Spui square, which is quite busy with cafés and shops. There are houses around the garden too, which were actually established for women who practiced religion but also had a fair degree of freedom. The only condition while visiting the place is that you remain silent so as to not disrupt the peace of the place.

Brunch at a Panoramic Café

There are numerous cafés in Amsterdam, but none equals the view and the ambiance of Blue Amsterdam. Secluded from the common sight, this café is reached only through the shopping center Kalvertoren. From there, you have to reach the third floor on an elevator and take the next flight of stairs. You will reach this amazing café with a great view of the city’s skyline. There are different popular food items on the menu such as sandwiches, burgers, salads, a breakfast menu, as well as a dessert. There is very less crowd, so you get to experience an authentic meal after your private Rijksmuseum tour.

Explore the Munt Tower and the Flower Market

The flower market is one of the famed spots of Amsterdam. The place is brimming with trinkets, flowers, and tulip bulbs. The place is indeed a good place to visit, but it is better to visit this place while in transit to other destinations. The Munt tower is located at the end of the flower market and is definitely worth a visit. It was the place where coins were made, but was destroyed in a fire in the middle-ages.

Explore the City on a Bike

Amsterdam is a great city to explore on two wheels. There are several places, which will definitely make you stop despite them being not famous. The only thing you need to remember is to follow traffic rules while traveling. Remember that the canal area is the most crowded beside the canals. Avoid them from staying safe on wheels. In addition, stay to the right while driving.

The Rembrandt Square

Close to the flower market is the famous Rembrandt square, which is an important location in the artistic map of the city. It is dedicated to the celebrated artist, Rembrandt. The square houses the re-imagined sculpture of his renowned work, “The Night Watch”. On the way, you will find the Tuschinski theatre. You can take a sneak peek inside as well. After that, you could check out the Rembrandt monument.

Streets and Shopping Areas

“De Negen Straatjes” is one of the most attractive shopping regions of the city. You will find many shops there, such as unique DIY stores, designer clothes, and others. Thursdays are the best time to visit this place after your private Rijksmuseum tour.

The Canal Tour

No matter which season you visit the Dutch capital, a canal tour is a must. The top-rated tours in Amsterdam will take you to the major locations within the city. The most important thing about it is that it provides a unique perspective of the city. Different types of tours are available for service. The boat service is supported by IAmsterdam card, which provides its customers discounts and offers.