Rijksmuseum to Launch a Conceptual Game This Summer

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An escape room is more of an adventure game wherein participants stuck in an enclosed room have to escape from it using clues in the surroundings. Now, replace the four walls with the vastness of Rijksmuseum and the concept becomes even more intriguing. At least, thrills are what the museum in Amsterdam is trying to bring out with “Escape Game” a variant of escape room, which could make participant to navigate the museum in a more interactive way.

This summer in Amsterdam city, you could participate in the group trail with a per head additional ticket of €17.77, to what may cost you for private Rijksmuseum tour. This extra ticket can help you enjoy the museum building from a different perspective altogether. The museum permits 2 to 5 participants in the Escape Game, which involves a secret stolen from an ancient book written by Alessandro Cagliostro. For that, participants will have to find hints hidden among 8747 artworks displayed throughout the spacious building in Museum Quarter.

The museum authorities say that it is going to a mystifying mission to find out the secret formula lost from a centuries-old book written by the multitalented Italian, who was famously known for works in alchemy and rich knowledge in magic. For an uninitiated, Rijksmuseum is situated not all that far away from the famous “Iamsterdam” landmark.

In an intriguing post published recently, the Rijksmuseum explained the concept of Escape Game to all those who are going to be on the move to find hidden clues. It goes like this: “The story starts in the library” and then the librarian chases someone only to later discover that a page from the book has gone missing. Now, it is up to the museumgoers or participants to navigate through the building and save its librarian named Bert off the “blemishes” so to surmise.

Is that snippet real or a scripted one to make tourists intrigued enough to try out the conceptual game when on tours in Amsterdam? One could get more details about that when they try it out this summer. The museum collaborated with Israeli illusionist, Magus Cagliostro, and Dutch scriptwriter, Luuk van Bemmelen, to conceive the game; so one thing is for sure – it will be a thrilling experience.