Top Five Swimming Spots in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam will be on the bucket list of almost every traveler as the city offers a wide range of attractions. Some of those exciting things in the Dutch capital include the natural landscapes, picturesque canals, captivating bridges, mouthwatering eateries, cozy pubs and cafés, enlightening museums, architectural aesthetics, etc. Usually, people may opt to include a private Rijksmuseum tour, canal cruise, red street tour, etc., to their Amsterdam tour itinerary. However, all these attractions have become very much clichéd and predictable these days, and you will also have to wait in long queues to enjoy these top-rated attractions. Hence, people look for something that is more exciting and adventurous.

Since Amsterdam city is mainly known for the exceptionally beautiful canals here, trying out different water-related activities will be a great idea to make your trip memorable. On a related note, you may swim in the scenic canals too in order to enjoy the beauty of these picturesque canals to the fullest. In order to add to this ultimate swimming experience, try to include other activities as paddling, boating, windsurfing, and many more to your tour package. Below is the list of the best natural swimming destinations in Amsterdam, where you can spend some of your quality time exploring the waters.

Het Twiske Waterland

Located in the Northern Amsterdam, Twiske Waterland is a recreational area where people come to enjoy various water-related activities. This is one of the best swimming destinations in Amsterdam. Here, there are seven cozy and appealing beaches, which are sure to offer a supreme swimming experience to every traveler. One of the most popular beaches here is the De Speelsloot. The main attraction of this beach is an Indian village located on the shore.

Note that there is no professional supervision at this beach, so it is recommended to take special care when visiting the place, especially if there are kids with you. Apart from the beaches, you can also enjoy many other attractions here such as boating, hiking, biking, picnics, etc.


If you are looking for more of a peaceful and calm ambiance, the Sloterpark located at the Western Amsterdam will be a perfect option. Here, you can see many long trees that are sure to make you feel so close to nature. There is a beautiful and vast, 35 meters deep lake at this park; swimmers can get into the water and practice their swimming skills here.

Here, you can find a stair that goes into the water, just like the ones in artificial swimming pools. This will be perfect for children and beginners in the field of swimming to maintain their balance. Yet note that swimming is allowed only in the east and west side of the lake.

Gaasperplas Park

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Located at the southeast side of Amsterdam, Gaasperplas Park is an ideal destination for all the swimmers out there. In 1982, the famous Florida Garden Show was conducted at this place. Currently, Gaasperplas Park is a recreational area that entails a stunning lake and offers some incredible activities such as rowing, swimming, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, etc.

You can easily access the place by means of a metro; exploring the park by foot, riding a horse, or bicycling will be a great deal for nature-lovers. However, swimmers are recommended to watch out for the windsurfers and sailboats.

Diemerpark Beach

Located in between the IJburg and Rijnkanaal, this is one of the best manmade urban beaches in Amsterdam. The beach offers a tranquil ambiance and slower pace that no traveler can expect, especially with the rural surroundings. To add to this, the place is beautified using tulip blooms and other flowers of multiple colors as well. In the old days, this area was a used as a garbage dump. However, water bodies are closely monitored in Amsterdam, and hence, the region is cleaned thoroughly.

The quality of water may vary in time. So it is recommended to check for the updates and warning regarding the water quality with the officials before getting into it. When at it, buy some beer from any of the restaurants at the shore and chill out under the night sky to add to your swimming experience.

Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos is one of the biggest recreational parks in the city that entails a number of various attractions. In fact, this park is around three times bigger than the famous Central Park here. Unsurprisingly, the number of visitors flocking to this Amsterdamse Bos is increasing every year.

According to a recent study, approximately 6 million travelers from different parts of the world visit this spectacular park every year. Amsterdamse Bos offers some incredible spots for swimming that resembles the ones in fairytale movies. In addition to that, there are some beautiful areas in the lake for children who love to enjoy paddle boating. Kids who are above 13 years of age can practice diving skills on the low-hanging bridges here as well.