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Being a country with a strong tradition of trade, the Netherlands does not have any shortage of markets. This is especially evident in the entrepreneurial spirit of the capital. You may find markets with all kinds of products on sale, in almost every neighborhood. These provide you the opportunity to browse through them like a local and bargain for items like fresh flowers, vintage clothes and much more. Below is a discussion on some of the best markets in the capital city you have to visit after your Private Rijksmuseum Tour.

Albert Cuyp Market

If you decide to visit only one market during your time in the Dutch capital, make it the Cuyp. Functional since 1905, it is a great spot to find jewelry, clothes, fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, and fish of varying quality. You can come here, and get completely immersed in the atmosphere of the market. You may try the stroopwafelswill if you have a special love for the sweet food, or you can give the roast chicken a try and treat your palate. Situated beside the intersection of Eerste van der Helststraat and Albert Cuypstraat, it has a number of cafes, bars, and small boutiques for you to spend time afterward.


This market was initially known as the ‘Jewish market’ due to its location within the Jewish district. The place has witnessed a gathering of stallholders ever since 1885. Nowadays, you may find over 300 of them. They trade in cheap bric-a-brac, vintage clothes, and second-hand items. There are plenty of opportunities for bargains. This includes jewelry, antiques, and bikes. You will also spot a large number of locals also visiting the place which is considered as the largest flea market in Amsterdam.


Tulips are a typical symbol of the Netherlands and you should visit the Keukenhof if you want to have a great experience with these amazing flowers. The Bloemenmarkt will captivate your senses with the explosion of colors and fragrances. Besides, it is the only floating flower market in the world. It is situated in one of the long canals of the city and you may find a long row of stalls floating on it. Explore various flowers and beauties before you purchase the Tulips. Note that you may also find seeds, roses, orchids, and bouquets which fit every occasion.


Noodermarkt, situated in Jordaan is a haven for people looking to buy organic and locally sourced produce. The traders you find here come from the rural regions of the nearby regions and set up a trade on Saturdays. Although it may not be the cheapest option, there is no question about the quality of products here; everything is premium quality and delicious. There are specialties for every season, such as mushrooms in October and asparagus in May. If you are unsure, you can ask around for the advice of the stallholders. You can also find refreshments in the small stalls here.

IJ Hallen Flea Market

Organized inside a converted shipbuilding warehouse on a weekend every month, this is a unique market and only one of its kind in Europe. With more than 500 stands which you may rent, the only prerequisite you have to follow is that the products sold should be second-hand. Many people use it as a place to offload the junk that takes up the space of their homes, while many people sell precious vintage items. There are places where you can find precious furniture, records, clothes, and books apart from several others. You have to take the short ferry ride from Centraal Station but it is totally worth the visit.

Boekenmarkt Op Het Spui

If you had the images of worn-out covers of books, you may forget it because the traders of the Boekenmarkt seem to know their trade well. There are several traders who come here from all over the country on Fridays to set up stalls here. You can find stalls that sell old and rare books, difficult to find periodicals, postcards, vintage maps, and books that have gone out of print. In case you collect something specific, there are high chances you may find them here.

Ten Katemarkt

Ten Katemarkt could be called an authentic local experience as it is frequented by Amsterdam natives. It is known for grocery shopping and you can expect to find some high-quality fish, vegetables, fruits, and meat along with cheese, hummus, and more West Asian items. Moreover, you can also find stalls that sell clothes, home essentials, and electrical goods too. Once you are done shopping, you can spend your time in one of the several restaurants and cafés of the region. Overall, it is worth spending a day in Ten Katemarkt.

Amsterdam has plenty of great shopping locations where you may find precious and rarely found items. Make sure you visit the above places after your private Rijksmuseum tour if you want to carry home something worth storing.