Tourist Mistakes to Avoid in Amsterdam

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You can hardly find a person who does not wish to explore the Dutch Capital at least once in their lifetime. Everything in the city is inviting; be it the natural landscapes, picturesque canal belt, architectural wonders, historical monuments, treasured museums, colorful tulip blooms, and whatnot. Hence, if you are planning a European trip, you will never regret including Amsterdam city in your tour itinerary. However, some tourists, especially the people who are on their maiden trip, are likely to make some silly and expensive mistakes while traveling around the city. Some of those mistakes that you must avoid at any cost are listed below.

Not using the Amsterdam pass

In Amsterdam, you can find tons of attractions and you may never want to miss out on any. However, buying tickets to venture every attraction in the city will be a daunting process for sure. To avoid this, it is recommended to purchase any of the city passes that offer fast-track entry to the museums and national monuments here so that you can enjoy stress-free sightseeing. This can save a good amount of your time that you may otherwise waste standing in the long and tiring queues. Note that with the right city pass, you can save up to 40% of your overall travel expense. Similarly, you can purchase transport cards to make your commutation in the city hassle-free and affordable.

Renting a car

Another major mistake that tourists are likely to make is renting a car. Firstly, this can cost you a huge chunk of change. Additionally, the traffic scene in Amsterdam is poor and most importantly, it will be extremely challenging for you to find a parking spot in the city. So, opt out of this if you don’t want to waste your valuable time parading the city to find a parking spot. Furthermore, Amsterdam is the city of canals and you can find an overwhelming number of bridges here. Most of these bridges are narrower and you can venture it only by foot or bikes. This explains why most Amsterdammers tend to use bikes to meet their daily transportation needs.

Taking the hop on hop off bus tours

Taking the hop on hop off bus tours will not be a great option in Amsterdam since most of the bridges and streets in the city are narrow. Hence, these bus tours are allowed only in the perimeters of the city. Note that the ancient streets, bridges, and outskirts of the city reflect the true charisma of Amsterdam. As mentioned earlier, you can only venture these spots on bikes or foot.