5 Best Seafood Restaurants near the Van Gogh Museum

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Good seafood is not something you normally come across very often, especially when touring a place far from home. However, Amsterdam breaks that mold pretty easily. This city is set close to the sea, and capitalizes on that fact with its diverse and profuse seafood establishments, which deliver world class fares to both natives and tourists. Suffice to say, fresh and sensational seafood is almost always close by no matter where you are; most seafood restaurants here have everything from lobster to oysters to mussels, and every other big or small thing you can think of.

The following restaurants have seafood as their specialty, and are truly worth trying out right after a Van Gogh museum tour. Visaandeschelde and Lucius serve menus that include different types of fish, shellfish, and crustaceans, while Restaurant Red eases picking by simply concentrating on lobster and beef. For something casual, you could hit The Seafood Bar; walk in without a reservation and get a bite to eat. If you want to dine late at night after a theater show or some such, Brasserie Bark keeps their kitchen open that time of day. All of these restaurants have nice wines to elevate your dining experience.

The Seafood Bar

Located less than a quarter mile from Van Gogh museum, The Seafood Bar is the perfect eatery for tourist weary of reservation procedures. You can stop by any time and treat yourself to delicious fares while relaxing amid the comfortable ambience. Precious few critics have managed to find any issue with the cuisine, which includes enticing options under salads, soups, fish and chips, sandwiches, mussels, oysters, lobster, king crab, and plenty more.

The establishment sticks to sustainable practices, such as limiting fish to line-caught and MSC certified ones. These are also predominantly organic and additive-free.

Brasserie Bark

A quarter mile in the other direction from The Seafood Bar, Brasseries Bark is another great eatery you can visit after a Van Gogh museum tour. With a gratifyingly diverse array of seafood options including deep-sea crab and swordfish, this restaurant delivers items of the best quality.

Their starters include oyster soup, and the main course can be anything from whole lobster to half-dozen oysters, stuffed fish soup, grilled salmon with pesto, grilled prawns, and a lot more. Concertgoers love to visit this place whenever they are in the area, because it stays open till late at night.


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Located near Leidseplein, Waves is just over half a mile from Van Gogh museum. Head there in the evening and start off with shrimp cocktail, fish cakes, or any other appetizer that seems like a good idea. After that, try out the fresh fish dishes featuring sole, bass, or trout.

The main focus here may be on seafood, but meat-lovers too can get their fill of delicious eats, as can vegetarians. Pair your meal with a nice wine, and be prepared to be blown away by the staggering variety available in that department. The ultra-modern interior is pleasing enough, but you could dine outdoors as long as the weather is agreeable. One caveat through: book in advance, and try to make that early if you want a table on the terrace.

Restaurant RED

Less than a mile from Van Gogh museum, Restaurant Red is one of those must-visits every lucky tourist gets told about before they reach the city. This place reinstates the pleasure you find in food, through a dining experience unlike what you normally get in the area.

The best items on their menu are the lobster and beef fillets, sided with salad and fries. A nice glass of wine complements this, and the whole thing achieves completion after you have some of the chef’s famous tarte au citron vert dessert. Pricing is appealingly moderate, which means this is a place, which you would probably want to keep a secret.


About a mile from Van Gogh museum, Restaurant Sluizer is best known for its seasonal and traditional food offerings. The place is perfect for a classy dining experience in the evening, or for a dinner right before you head out to a show. The appetizers include potato leek soup and mussels a l’escargot, each guaranteed to waken your senses in the most pleasurable ways.

Main course options that find the most takers are fresh fish stew served with prawns, cod, redfish, and mussels; and pan-fried cod filled up with sauerkraut hotchpot. The fish they use comes in daily, so you can rest easy that freshness will not be an issue. Vegetarian and meat dishes too are served here. After you finish the main course, you will want to try out locally renowned amaretto crème brûlée for dessert.