6 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Amsterdam

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Are you a vegetarian lost in Amsterdam trying to find good food to satisfy your growling stomach? Do not worry! You will not have to starve during your Amsterdam tours. You can find a variety of restaurants with different cuisines from around the world that can satisfy both your stomach and heart.  The list of the best vegetarian restaurants you will find in the streets of Amsterdam are shared below.

Café de Ceuvel

This restaurant can be added to your list of must visited places due to its uniqueness. Cafe de Ceuvel is built in a “regenerative urban oasis” calledCeuval located in Amsterdam-Noord. The aim of the restaurant is not only to provide authentic vegetarian food but also to help nature replenish. Cafe de Ceuvel is the first restaurant in the world where the organic waste from the restaurant is used to give biogas and nutrient-rich fertilizer. They have a “Farm to Table’ menu which changes every two weeks depending on the vegetables the local food supplier offers.


This exotic restaurant is located in a city named Haarlem which is just a 15 minutes train ride away from the main city of Amsterdam.  This place is buzzing with bizarre but healthy vegetable curries and stews. Another main attraction of this place is that the food from here can be stocked up, that is, you can store and heat it whenever and wherever you want. And do not forget to try the mouth-watering dessert!

Beter & Leuk 

This place has gained the attention of many due to a particular notion- you can learn the recipe for your favorite dish from the restaurant. The aim of these classes is to help their customers cook for themselves home. Tourists can visit this creative restaurant and enroll in a class or two during their tours in Amsterdam.

Golden temple

This restaurant is named after the famous Indian Sikh temple and is located in the beautiful city of Utrechtsestraat. It brings to you a variety of vegetarian dishes from Asia and South America.


Manamanahas managed to create a name for itself during a short time period because of the Lebanese and Israeli dishes that it brings to the city dwellers. Disheslike shakshuka and the “psychedelic cauliflower” are its main attractions. Manamana will definitely have you come back again for more.


This restaurant which is located in the green city garden behind the Hermitage Amsterdam is every vegetarian’s brunch dreams come true. Their food is undoubtedly healthy as it is prepared from locally grown fresh veggies.