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The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tours
Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most visited tourist places in the entire world. The rich history, charming scenery, and the unique recreational activities in the city continue to attract more and more tourists to this city. However, many first time visitors doubt on when they should visit Amsterdam. If you were in such confusion, then here a few tips on the best time to visit Amsterdam, which will certainly help you to make the most of your visit to Amsterdam.

The Seasonal Changes

Almost all parts of Northern Europe will be grey, wet, and a little bit chilly for 8 months every year, and this includes Amsterdam too. However, it is true that the climate in Amsterdam is unpredictable and interesting, which means that you can visit the place anytime, yet prepared with a light rain jacket.


Tulip season in Amsterdam starts in mid March and it lasts until early May. The end of tulip season marks the beginning of Amsterdam’s tourist season. April is an ideal time to visit Amsterdam because the medium tourist traffic and the good weather in the city are all favorable conditions for the visitors. Moreover, if you are planning to avoid high hotel prices and large crowds, then try to avoid visiting Amsterdam during the Queen’s Day weekend.


The weather in Amsterdam during the summer can be a bit difficult to tolerate for some tourists. There will be short spurts of heavy rain in the city with humidity, sunshine, and heat. The residents of Amsterdam will try to enjoy the outdoor days as much as possible during this season, which means that the city would be quite lively during summer.

Summer is also a peak tourist season in the elegant Dutch capital and the cafes, canals, beaches, and parks will be filled with residents and tourists. You can take a bicycle ride along the green countryside of Holland and camp in the sand dunes to feel like a native.

Dates to Avoid

If you want to avoid the large hikes in hotels and the large crowds, then it is better to avoid a few key dates while visiting Amsterdam such as the Queen’s Day and Liberation Day. The city will be filled with Dutch orange paraphernalia from the last week of April to the first week of May.