Best Parks to Visit in Amsterdam

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Best Amsterdam Parks

Amsterdam is a city known for its distinctive cityscape with crisscrossing canals and buildings. The city’s unique and lively culture attracts visitors from all around the world. Amsterdam also hosts some of the best parks in the country, which are a great way to spend time in leisurely walks or for relaxing. Lavishly laid, these parks contain a wealth of flora making them truly beautiful sights to see.

Moreover, these parks have attained equal importance like the other major sights in Amsterdam. Due to this, most of the tours in Amsterdam have included these parks in their itineraries as important sights. Below is a list of some of the best parks to visit during your next Amsterdam tours.

Amsterdamse Bos

The largest park in the region, Amsterdamse Bos closely resembles a forest than an actual park. Located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, this park is known for its rich collection of flora and fauna. Besides, the park offers lots of activities for the visitors such as swimming, canoeing, hiking, and horseback riding. An art exhibition is also displayed in Amsterdamse Bos making it one of the must-visit parks for each of the tours in Amsterdam.

Park Frankendael

Park Frankendael is the most beautiful park in Amsterdam considering its ecological richness. It contains numerous trails and a wealth of trees that make it the perfect spot for relaxation. It is also an ideal location for children and adults taking into consideration its many hidden places and paths. Park Frankendael also hosts two gourmet restaurants that offer several culinary delights to the visitors.


Sarphatipark is one of the busiest parks in Amsterdam and is always swarmed with visitors and natives alike. The area of this park is much smaller that makes it ideal for relaxing. Besides that, Sarphatipark consists of numerous restaurants and bars, thereby allowing visitors to spend quality time while refreshing themselves with the multi-cuisine treats.


Rembrandtpark is one of the most beautiful parks in Amsterdam and is dedicated to the Dutch master Rembrandt. The park is the perfect destination for walking tours in Amsterdam due to its lavish laid out walkways. Along with the collection of numerous age-old trees, the Rembrandtpark also has numerous statues of Rembrandt located in different regions.


Oosterpark is another beautiful park located in the eastern part of Amsterdam. The park is known for its fun filled ambiance that makes it the perfect place to spend time with family and kids. Oosterpark has a huge bird pond, a paddling pool for children, numerous food outlets, and pet-friendly areas.