Dutch Food You Must Try The Next Time You Are In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tours
Amsterdam Tours

Amsterdam is a hidden gem in Netherlands that is famous for its cuisines. Although it may not be on the bucket list of most Gastronomical globetrotters, Amsterdam has plenty to offer in terms of Dutch food that you mustn’t miss out on! Most tours in Amsterdam will not miss out on these!

The Dutch New Herring Or ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’

It is one of the Dutch dishes that you can say with one look that: “hey that seems Dutch!” If you are someone who has a love for the marine treats then this must be on your list of must haves. The raw herring is usually served together with chopped raw onion to give the added zing, and gherkin. This is one dish that is in a way a tradition. The way to eat it like a true Dutch would be to hold it by the tail of the herring and then taking a bite upwards. Or you can just use a knife and fork as well. You may even enjoy this cuisine by placing it in between two soft pieces of white bread, in what is called the ‘broodje haring’. The name Hollandse Nieuwe can only be used if the fish is caught between May and June.


The instant classic of the Dutch is the famous pastry you will find in Amsterdam. It is a sort of cookie that is made using a waffle made from freshly baked batter and cut length wise. Two waffles are held together by using a sweet sticky syrup in between it, which is called the Stroop. The freshly baked batter used is made of brown sugar, butter, yeast, milk, flour and eggs. The place of origin of this dish is Gouda, a place south of Amsterdam.


One of the more well-known snacks put out by the Dutch for the rest of the world is the kroket. It is basically a deep fried roll which is stuffed with a meat ragout and tossed in breadcrumbs. The stuffing used varies, with some people using beef or veal. You may even find chicken, shrimp or even vegetarian kroket. You can also have it like a hotdog, and place it in between two hamburgers and chomp down on it. The magic to having a crispy and light kroket is to deep fry it twice;  tradition which most chefs in Amsterdam have made their own.

Amsterdam tours will give you these and more insights about why Amsterdam is a must visit city!