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Jewish Culture has been a part of Amsterdam since the start of17th Century. Its religion and many cultural practices have become a part of Amsterdam’s life, long before modernization. Today, the Jewish community occupies a small proportion in Amsterdam and they live in harmony with the city’s life. There are several relics of the Jewish culture in the city that you can visit on your tours in Amsterdam. Below is a discussion on some of the most important things you have to do when you are on an exploratory trip to Amsterdam.

A Guided Tour on Amsterdam Jewish History

One of the best ways to understand Jewish history in Amsterdam is to attend a guided tour through the city. This will educate you about the basics of Jewish history and its association with the Dutch capital.

Jewish Amsterdam Institutions in Existence

Jewish Quarter in the city is pretty much empty, but the Portuguese Synagogue built in 1675 is still standing in its initial state. It is called Snoge or Esnoga. This place was spared from destruction during the Holocaust happened during the Nazi Regime. This structure stands as one of the most important symbols of Jewish history along with the Holocaust Memorial at the Hollandsche Schouwburg and Jewish Historical Museum. These structures are parts of the Jewish Cultural Quarter.

Note that the Jewish population in the city is concentrated in the South of the city, also known as Amsterdam Zuid. This falls in the suburb areas of Amstelveen and Buitenveldert.

Jewish Amsterdam Historical Museum

This museum was built along with four other Ashkenazi synagogues which form a part of the Great Synagogue whose construction was completed in 1671. The place offers great insight into the lives of Jews in the Netherlands and hosts many concerts and contemporary art exhibitions, as it is a part of the Jewish cultural center. There is also the Jewish Historical Children’s Museum located near to this place. It provides information regarding the life of Jewish children.

Jewish Amsterdam Synagogues

Besides the Sephardic Portuguese synagogue, there are many other Ashkenazi synagogues in the Dutch capital such as Nieuwe Kerkstraat, Gerard Doustraat, Laan van Helende Meestraat, Kastelstraat, and Willemschoutenstraat

Jewish Amsterdam Cemeteries

Cemeteries have great importance in the Jewish culture as they firmly believe in life after death. One of the most important Jewish cemeteries in the city is the Zeeburg. More than 200,000 people have been buried in this place.