Habits Which you Would Develop Living in Amsterdam

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People who tour Amsterdam for longer periods are most likely to pick up certain habits, just like the natives of the Dutch capital city. Below is a list of the common practices that you would find in residents of the city, which are also inclined to cling to you if you stay in Amsterdam for long.

Having Borrelhapjes as a Substitute to Dinner

This is a habit, which could be seen when the Amsterdammers feel hungry but do not wish to go out of the pub. In this situation, they would order borrelhapjes, which are small balls of battered meat that is served with cheese. It is found almost everywhere in the Netherlands, and surely make a good alternative meal.

Being Subconsciously Aware of Bikes

Anyone who has stayed in Amsterdam for a considerable amount of time would learn to adapt to the cyclists in the city. You would also get an instinct for bike traffic by living in this city. The way the people of Amsterdam go through the busy junctions would look totally crazy to the outsiders, but according to them, all their actions has a hidden logic, which is to make way for the other cyclists.

Using Dutch Words While Talking in English

The Dutch people have an amazing talent of switching effortlessly to both English and Dutch language while creating phrases, for example, they use phrases like “Ik zit in een goede flow” which means, “I am in a good flow”. Many people who speak in English in the city also include common Dutch words like “gezellig” (cozy), “lekker” (nice), or “fiets” (bike) in their conversation.

Purchasing Cheap Bikes

Chaining an expensive bike outside in Amsterdam city means you are putting yourselves in trouble because whatever item that looks expensive and worth more than €20 gets stolen in Amsterdam. However, the thieves in Amsterdam do not target shabby or cheap bikes.

Collecting a Number of Membership Cards

You would be able to find a number of membership cards in Amsterdam, which includes cards to watch movies, visit museums, or attend gigs at a discounted rate. You would also find a huge number of coffee shops giving out stamp cards to each and every one of the customers.

Forgetting That Cannabis is Illegal in Other Parts of World

Cannabis is legal in Amsterdam while the drug is made illegal on many of the other regions of the world. It is very common for the Amsterdammers to go into a coffee shop and order soft drugs. The unusual thing is that the lawmakers actually do not prohibit the use of marijuana openly in public either.