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Since Amsterdam is a city with many water bodies, numerous bridges form a big network throughout the city. They are all wonderful testimonies of the great architectural wonders in the city. Some of these picturesque bridges are of the old centuries, whereas some others are the ones built during the historic moments of the city. Here is a list of the most beautiful bridges you must visit on your tours in Amsterdam.

Magere Brug

It is known as one of the most popular romantic locations in the city because of its attractive contour and awesome location. There is a narrow walkway for the bridge. It unites the eastern and western banks of the river Amstel. This makes its central area mesmerizing.


This bridge was built in the middle of the 17th century and still exists without any problems. It is the oldest bridge in Amsterdam that remains. It was a practice for the traders to assemble on the bridge because of the great width of the bridge, which allowed for congregations. Today at the center of the bridge is situated Dutch author Multatuli’s bronze statue.


The bridge is named after the famous Dutch author Nesico because he used to take long walks on the clay bank where the northern slope of the bridge ends. The cycle bridge, in reality, connects Ijburg with Amsterdam-Oost.


The 16th century saw the rapid and continuous development of the canal belt of Amsterdam. Therefore, the government of the city decided to build a bridge over the Amstel River to establish a unified system of urban fortifications. A bridge built in Parisian style later replaced this. It stands still today.

Sint Jansbrug

This is a footbridge made out of iron. It stands over the Oudezijdsvoorburgwal canal. This is a place where photographers stay for a long time to capture the Amsterdam canal life in their cameras. You can get a view of the traditional Dutch townhouses and boats passing below the iron bridge by standing on Sint Jansburg.


Though the name of the bridge means a blue bridge, you will not see any blue hue here. The name is from an old bridge that stood at the location back in the 16th century. In 1883, the present bridge replaced the old one.


This is the bridge known for its geometrical designs and patterns. Amsterdam’s school architects among whom Joan Melchior van der Mey was the key person designed the bridge. The bridge has triangle shaped arches and beautiful iron railings.

These bridges are worth visiting on your Amsterdam tours, especially if you love to have some beautiful snaps.