Our Lady of All Nations, Marian Apparitions in Amsterdam

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From the beginning of 1945 to 1959, women named Ida Peerdeman, who lived in Amsterdam, received a series of apparitions from the blessed Virgin Mary regarding the degeneration, disasters, and war that was about to take place in the world. “The Lady of all Nations” is the Catholic title given to Virgin Mary in this sequence of “Marian apparitions”. Peerdeman received about 56 of those.

You could also find a Catholic Chapel for The Lady of All Nations in South Amsterdam. You could see the original picture of the Lady of All Nations in this chapel. Many people who go for pilgrimage tours in Amsterdam visit this church to pray in front of this graceful image of Virgin Mary and to attend the Holy Mass.

First Visions

Our Lady appeared to Peerdeman for the first time in March 25, 1945. Virgin Mary told her that the war would come to an end by May (Holland got its liberation from Germany on May 5, 1945). The Lady of All Nations also told Peerdeman that she must be persistent her prayers. She then got another vision of the Jewish people and she heard the words “Israel will rise again” (The Israeli Declaration of Independence was announced on May 14, 1948).


This actually represents a time period of disasters and moral degradation, which would come to an end by a total catastrophe, if there is no significant change in human behavior.

Ida Peerdeman said, “Then over Europe, I see heavy thick clouds coming, and, beneath that, big waves which sweep over Europe… The Lady says: ‘Europe, be warned. This is not only economic battle… it is about ruining the spirit. Politico-Christian struggle…’.” The Lady of All Nations also told her that there would be a lot of climatic changes. “Nature will change too… disaster on disaster… Meteors, be warned!” Peerdeman said that she also got the message that there would be globalization at this time.

A New Split

Peerdeman also had a vision of many Eastern people coming from faraway places. She predicted that there would be a new split in the world. Peerdeman said that the message she got from the Lady of All Nations says, “The world is, so to speak, going to be torn in two. I now see the world before me and a big split coming, a crack that winds its way through the world.”