Outdoor Activities To Do While In Amsterdam

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Art, architecture, music, nature and adventure, Amsterdam has it all and if you are thinking about spending your next vacation in Amsterdam, just go for it without giving a second thought. It will be the best time of your life for sure. Here is a list of outdoor activities that you can do while in Amsterdam.

Admire the Beauty of the Countryside, Riding on a Bicycle

The outdoor activity that most people prefer while in Amsterdam is cycling and the impressive cycling history of the city and its mesmerizing scenic beauty best admired while on bicycle rides justifies the preference. The locals of the city usually use their bicycles to get around but many choose it as a sport as well. Get on your bike, take a tour to the historic towns like Volendam or Marken, take some time to head south, and ride some kilometers alongside the Flowerstrip blossoms.

Go Kayaking

Amsterdam is the city of canals and canal tours are undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist activities in Amsterdam. There are a few guided kayak tours in Amsterdam and if you want, you can head off to explore Amsterdam all on your own by renting a kayak. The canals are busy most of the time and if you are looking for a quiet kayaking experience, you can head south to the Amsterdamse Bos, which give you the pleasure of leisure ride along waterways covered by trees.

Ice Skating

Amsterdam takes advantage of all the seasons and whatever be the time you visit the city, it will not disappoint you. The cold weather of the winter months freeze up the canals making them ideal ice skating locations and apart from the frozen canals there are several other skating locations in the city. People on Amsterdam tours in winter should never miss out on the ice skating experience at  Jaap Eden Ice Rink which opens up its indoor and outdoor skating rinks in the months between October and March.

Roller Skating

Gliding over the ground with sights rushing past and wind whipping around while you go rollerskating is a blissful experience. To go on a 20 km adventure through the city with a group of skaters, you can be a part of the Friday Night Skate where the skaters tour through the city every Friday night, provided the weather conditions are favorable.

Exploring the Countryside on Horseback

If you are a nature lover visiting Amsterdam, you can go around exploring the Amsterdamse Bos on horseback and the forest itself has two riding schools. If you have always dreamed of riding a horse along the beach, you can realize the dream by riding on horseback along the Netherland coastline.

The range of options that the city offers every visitor makes Amsterdam one of the most sought after tourist destinations.