Prepare Yourself for the Arrival of Sinterklaas

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Arrival Of Sinterklaas

Most of the tourists who are going on their first Amsterdam tours only know a few things about the city. They are well aware that the city of Amsterdam has raised plenty of great painters, it produces delicious cheese, and it has a liberal lifestyle every other European city dreams of.

However, if you are planning to go on Amsterdam tours this November, then you will need to know a lot more than that. Learning a few things about the traditions and culture of Netherlands will help you to prepare yourself for the grand entry of Sinterklaas in Amsterdam.

Each and every corner of the city of Amsterdam will be filled with kids and families in the middle of November. This gathering is to catch a glimpse of a white-bearded man in red clothes, who popularly goes by the name Sinterklaas.

Sinterklaas’ visit to the city of Amsterdam from his home, Spain, marks the beginning of the long festive fun that awaits tourists and residents in the fall. If you are new to the city of Amsterdam, then you might feel that Sinterklaas is Netherland’s own version of Santa Claus, but that’s not true.

It is true that Sinterklaas looks a lot like Santa Claus and they do share more than a few similarities. Both of them wear red dresses, have thick long white beard that covers their face, and bring gifts to kids. However, even though both of them work ‘in the same sector’, they are different figures.

Sinterklaas is actually Dutch Saint Nicholas who arrives in the city a month before Christmas and he starts a parade that usually lasts for a couple of weeks. In the last day of the parade (December 5), the patron saint of children, Sint offers gifts to kids to reward them for their good behavior. On the other hand, Santa Claus appears right before Christmas and brings presents to kids.

Sinterklaas arrives at the city of Amsterdam on a boat with hundreds of assistants and he usually sails down the Amstel River, passing the Magere Brug, the Torontobrug, and Nieuwe Amstelbrug. This year, Sinterklaas will be arriving at the city on November 13 and the parade will begin in the morning. So, try not to miss this unique parade, as it will add more beauty and elegance to your Amsterdam tours for sure.