The Best Beach Clubs in Amsterdam to Hang Out

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Amsterdam is one of the most spectacular cities in the world and the number of visitors flocking to the city is increasing every year. Usually, people tend to plan an Amsterdam trip for a serene escape from their busy lifestyle. One of the best things that you can consider when in the Dutch capital to achieve this objective is to parade the popular beach clubs here. In fact, you can hardly find a person who does not love to sip their favorite beverage post surfing or to grab a bite or dance on the open terrace till the blazing sun comes out with full intensity. All these things are possible if you include some of the beach clubs at the Amsterdam coast in your tour itinerary. Some of those beach clubs that you may venture on your tours in Amsterdam are listed below.


Ajuma is one of the hidden gems on the Zandvoort beach that tend to stay away from all the hustle and bustle of the avenues and malls. This Asian-styled beach pavilion will be an ideal hangout place for all the beach lovers out there. The main highlight of this intimate paradise is its captivating interiors, especially the plush seats that offer utmost relaxation to the people who come after a long stroll down the beach. In addition, Ajuma features an outstanding and drool-worthy menu that mainly features Asian-fusion food. In fact, people often come to this beach club just to savor the food here. Furthermore, the club offers relaxing massages and yoga sessions occasionally.


Do you love to enjoy a refreshing glass of your favorite wine under the sun? Are you interested to grab a bite of delicious hot chocolate in front of a campfire? Then, TijnAkersloot beach club is the right place for you since this spot offers it all. This beach club was opened 40 years ago. Within no time, it became a popular hangout spot for the locals as well as the tourists who love surfing and enjoying tasty food. Speaking of the food, you can find everything here ranging from BBQ to delicate sandwiches and soups. If you are not a surfing person, you can simply lie down on a recliner at TijnAkersloot and enjoy the view of the sea and the activities of the surfers sipping a bottle of beer. Otherwise, you can play beach volleyball games or relax your body and soul during the yoga sessions.

Tent 6

If you are planning your tours in Amsterdam through February to October, Tent 6 will be one of the best hangout places for you. This beach club is located alongside the beach of Zandvoort at the beginning of the Zuid Boulevard. Tent 6 is mainly known for its ambiance and the tasty and affordable food they serve. When it comes to the food, the morning breakfast usually entails smoothies and fresh juices, the lunch and dinner are mainly prepared using locally sourced organic products. Needles to mention, you are likely to get some rare and tasty seafood dishes to taste at Tent 6. To enjoy the ambiance of Tent 6 beach club to the fullest, come here during Sundays so that you can enjoy oysters at cheap rates while a happening DJ spins in the backdrop.

The spot

The spot will be an ultimate destination for all the beach enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies out there. This is one of the best water sports centers on the Dutch banks and you can enjoy almost every water activity here. Some of the popular attractions here include windsurfing, kite surfing, jet skiing, stand up paddling, etc. Furthermore, there is a range of water sports ideal for kids as well making it a perfect spot for family tourists. After enjoying adrenaline rushing activities like lounging in the sun or on the water, pump up your energy by savoring the tasty burgers and coffees at the Spot.


Timboektoe is a hidden paradise where you can relax to the fullest on your tours in Amsterdam. This beach pavilion is located at the beginning of the harbor and boasts a number of water activities. Small wonder that this beach club is a hot spot for most surfers in the city. Another attraction of Timberboektoe is its rooftop restaurant that offers a stunning view of the breezy sea waves crashing on the shore. The best time to come here is the night since they offer campfire facilities. Undoubtedly, dancing around a campfire on a wintry night would be just ecstatic.

Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui is a trendy beach club where you can be totally yourselves rather than pretending to be well-mannered tourists. Note that some tourists tend to act like the locals to make their stay in the city more comfortable. Unlike the options mentioned above, this beach pavilion offers and laidback and relaxing ambiance. Plus, the colorful decorations, comfortable lounge chairs, warm lighting adds to its chic vibes. When it comes to the food, Rapa Nui boasts a seasonal menu that is inspired by Japanese, Indian, and Italian cuisine. They offer special menus on weekends as well. Besides, happening night parties are one of the frequent events at Rapa Nui.