The Secret behind the Striking Charisma of the Dutch Capital

Tours in Amsterdam
Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

The main things that may pop into your mind when heard about Amsterdam will be the weed culture and adult shows in the city. Actually, Amsterdam offers way more and wider options than these stereotypical things. It is worth noting that the real beauty of Amsterdam lies in its picturesque canal belt and a dizzying number of majestic bridges built around it. Additionally, breathtaking architectural aesthetics, advanced technology services, food, festivals, enlightening museums, culture, traditions, etc., contribute to the enchanting appeal of the city.

When you explore the city, you may notice that most locals tend to commute on bicycles. This shows the healthy lifestyle of Amsterdammers. Actually, majority of people who partake in smoking activity are tourists. In fact, the lifestyle of Amsterdammers mainly includes sipping coffee at exotic restaurants, shopping at top-notch boutiques and cheap flea markets, socializing with family and friends over authentic Dutch food and wine, etc. If you are interested in experiencing the true soul of the Dutch capital, try to include the following activities on your tours in Amsterdam.

Choose Accommodation in an Attractive Boutique Hotel

You can find ideal lodging in Amsterdam irrespective of whether you are a budget traveler or super rich tourist. However, it is recommended to stay in any of the chic boutique hotels in the capital city of the Netherlands in order to make the best out of your trip. One of the perfect options that you may consider is the Banks Mansion Hotel, which is located in the city center. Apart from welcoming amenities and services, the hotel offers an impressive sight of the city from the room balconies. After all, who can resist the feeling of sipping your favorite beverage at your room balcony overlooking the popular Herengracht Canal?

Explore the City in a Bike

If you want to travel around the city like a true Amsterdammer, there is no other way than to rent a bike. Note that you can find bike rental shops at almost every nook and cranny of the city. Furthermore, venturing the magical city of Amsterdam on a bike is the best way to enjoy the sightseeing tour while exercising. Plus, most streets and bridges in the city are narrow and can be only ventured either by foot or bikes. However, make sure to follow the traffic rules here while riding a bike.

Go for a Canal Cruise

Another perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the beautiful Amsterdam city, as well as the scenic canals, is a canal cruise. It is to be noted that there are numerous canal cruise companies in the city that offers a wide range of canal tour options. You may choose the one that you find appealing and affordable. However, night canal cruise will be a perfect option to see the dazzling city with all its elegance since most of the constructions in the city will be illuminated at night.