The Updated Rules in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, the city of canals and impeccable beauty, will be a dream destination for most travelers out there. Every single nook and cranny of the city will be picture perfect and captivating. Apart from its flawless beauty, the Dutch capital city is also known for its liberal lifestyle. Two of the most popular things that facilitate this statement are the Red Light District and the permission of buying and selling cannabis legally. However, this liberal lifestyle can lead to many serious issues if there is no control over it. Hence, Amsterdam enforces some important rules, and needless to say, the Dutch people love to follow those rules.

Amsterdam is one of those cities in the world where the rate of crime is really low despite having a broadminded lifestyle. If you are wondering about those golden rules that made Amsterdam a better place to live, below are two of the latest rules in Amsterdam that were enforced in 2018.

Feeding Ducks is Forbidden

There are many beautiful birds, especially ducks, in Amsterdam, and of course, Amsterdammers love to feed ducks. However, the number of rats in the city is also high because of the mild climate here. Note that rats usually feed on the seeds or the leftovers. When you feed the ducks, it is common to drop the seeds or food there; this will attract the rats and other rodents to the place.

Needless to say, this rat issue can lead to many serious health conditions. So, the city authorities enforced a law in Amsterdam that you cannot feed the ducks here anymore. However, the law is applicable to only certain parts of the city and you can identify such spots with the help of the signboards.

Entering Amsterdam in an Old Bicycle or Car is Not Allowed

Just like most of the metropolitan cities, the pollution issues in Amsterdam are also worrying. This occurs mainly because of the use of old vehicles since they emit a higher amount of smoke and carbon. This can lead to many serious health issues such as lung disorder, cancer, etc., and can lead to climatic changes too. Therefore, Amsterdam banned the entry of old trucks and vans to the city in 2017 in order to cut down the pollution problems.

In 2018, they banned the entry of old motorcycles and cars as well because of the same reason. In fact, the taxis, motorcycles, touring cars, etc., that are older than the 2010 model are banned in the city now.