Top 4 Surprising Facts about Amsterdam City

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The number of canals in Amsterdam exceeds that of Venice, Italy. The Capital City of Netherlands is liberal when it comes to window prostitution. Two facts on account, but regular tourists in the “Venice of the North” might be even more surprised reading the below compilation of startling facts.

Tours in Amsterdam with Retired Prostitutes

Of course, to explore the attractions in Red Light District, you need a native tour guide who knows the inner workings of the area known for sex tourism. There are veterans in the “industry,” which has turned to the profession of guiding tourists and there is nothing to be ashamed of touring with retired sex workers in De Wallen.

What’s more, a sneak peek into the prostitution industry can be explored in the Red Lights Secrets museum. If you wanted something else, try the Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum for a look at the history and culture of cannabis.

Coffee Shops Operate in Grey Area of Legislation

Coffee shops, in the context of Amsterdam, refer to places where all things cannabis is sold, and some even consumed. Still, the cannabis cafes operate by all odds in a grey area, in particular because technically the sale, possession, and production of marijuana are illegal in Holland. Nonetheless, these coveted establishments in the capital city are permitted to trade cannabis in small quantities.

This rather suits the city’s authorities, as coffee shops pay taxes and avert street dealers from plying their trade, something that would exist in case the coffee shops did not venture in that small-scale business.

Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the World’s First

Dutch East India Company had occupied the spot of Beurs van Berlage, the building in Damrak that holds the stock exchange of the Netherlands nowadays. It not only is the first stock exchange established in the world but also the oldest existing.

This might be a surprising fact, especially to Londoners or New Yorkers, for that matter, where stock exchanges have been long-standing.

Amsterdam Plans a 3D Printed House

The city authorities have backed the project of DUS Architects, the firm which printed a canal house in Amsterdam Noord, the once borough turned bustling neighborhood. This house is so small that the bathroom facility had to be put outside it, which comes off as little surprise as even the standard dwellings in the Dutch capital are narrow.