Weird Dining Experiences in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a city where something new always keeps cropping up. This is true for dining experiences too. Below are some of the most unique restaurants that you can visit on your tours in Amsterdam.

Rem Eiland

This is a restaurant located in a sea rig in the Amsterdam harbor. In fact, you dine floating 22 meters above the water. The place used to be a pirate radio station in the previous century. Later, it was shut down and now retains the name of the law, which forced it to close. Rem Eiland is comfortable in the winter and bright in the summer and you can choose to dine on the terrace. Overall, it is a great place to enjoy a three-course meal on your tours in Amsterdam

Restaurant De Kas

This can be definitely one of the most wonderful dining experiences you will have in the city. The restaurant is a huge greenhouse that serves the produce they grow there. The food is pure and the servings are equally good. The specialty is that the menu is created every day depending on what is picked from their farm. This building was the municipal greenhouse of the city back in the 1920s. The fresh seasonal produce and the brilliant ambiance make for an unforgettable experience here.

Mama Kelly

If you love the bright colors and equally inviting flavors on your food, then Mama Kelly is the place to head to. The restaurant is decorated well and has a very simple menu. They serve food that is based around lobster or chicken prepared in a variety of flavors. They also offer great vegetarian meals. Overall, it is said to be an ideal place for the Instagrammers for its photogenic appeal.

Vuurtoreneiland’s Summer Restaurant

Located in a deserted island near the city, this is a restaurant made for the adventure-minded. It is located towards the east of the Dutch capital and sits in a specially constructed greenhouse in the lonely island.


This is one of the strangest dining experiences you will ever have as the place serves food in complete darkness. The staff is visually impaired and they will lead you to the various courses of surprise dishes. You will eat in total darkness until you step outside. They work according to the belief that by removing one of the senses, it would be possible to heighten the others. Besides, it is said that you will be more appreciative of the taste when you are in total darkness. Make sure you try this restaurant on your tours in Amsterdam.