What Makes De Kattenkabinet Museum Quirky and Interesting

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De Kattenkabinet or “The Cat Cabinet” is a museum situated in an old house in Amsterdam city devoted entirely to cats. The museum was found in 1990 by a Dutchman named William Meijer, and is housed on the lower floors of the residence. Meijer’s tomcat was named after the famous US banker JP Morgan; he opened the Cat Cabinet in his cat’s memory.

The museum specializes in works of art that represent the feline pet. The museum theme has a quirkiness, which is also reflected in its presentation. Paintings, posters, statues, and books about cats are displayed in a professional way in De Kattenkabinet. Add to that it published a Cat-a-logue, which forms a part of its present collection; you know what is the deal.

The museum in Amsterdam often collaborates with other reputed museums namely the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Kunsthal to organize events. The house it is situated in could very well be a museum. The residence was built for William van Loon and Adrian van Loon way back in the 17th Century and it is identical to the other house that resides at the Herengracht canal area. A draw determined which one of the two residences belonged to which brother of the two, and it was William van Loon who got the residence in which the museum is housed.

The famous individuals who stayed here in the past were Amsterdam’s Mayor, Jan Calkoen, and the President of the US, John Adams. The residence has been reconstructed and redecorated several times, and it was the current owner of the building, who brought it back to its splendor. Even though most of the building’s rich adobe traces back to the nineteenth century period, it still interests people who visit the house.

Some cats actually live at the premises of the museum making their presence felt even among visitors. One of the cats assumes the same role as its owner does roaming around authoritatively and freely. If you see him on a sofa enjoying a comfortable sleep, then make it a point not to disturb the main member of the Cat Cabinet. If the cat is not roaming around in the house, you may chance upon him on the stairs to the upper level. All these quirks make the museum a must-visit for feline lovers when on tours in Amsterdam.