5 Things an Out of Towner Must Know about Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The sight of wondrous architectures with the backdrop of picturesque canals and thriving tulip blossoms in every nook and cranny is indefinable. No wonder, the number of visitors flocking to Amsterdam is skyrocketing every year. If you are going to this beautiful heaven for the first time, there are certain things that you must know about this beautiful city before your Amsterdam tours. Some of those interesting things are listed below.

Fewer Smokers

Selling of certain drugs is legal in Amsterdam and you can get stoned from any of the coffee shops in this city that sells weeds. The interesting fact is that the people who use weeds are less in Amsterdam when compared to the tourists. Most of the locals either do not smoke or probably have given it up after their college or graduation.

Bigger City

In most tourist maps, Amsterdam city seems small. Yet in reality, the city is way bigger and you must plan your holidays or itinerary accordingly. Most people try to include many sightseeing trips in a single day itinerary, but this is not possible unless all those attractions are within a small distance. To get a better picture, it is better to check out the maps that you can see in tram stations.

Houses That Lean Forward

Most of the houses in Amsterdam have a narrow and steep staircase. Hence, people usually use a pole at the top of the house and a rope in order to transport heavy objects to the top floor. So, the houses here are constructed in a way that they lean forward in order that the windows do not get smashed in while transporting things.

Do Not Smoke in Public

Even though you can buy legalized weeds and get stoned in Amsterdam, there is a clean air policy in the city. That means you cannot smoke on the streets or at any public place here. However, there are many legalized coffee shops in the city, which sell weeds and other drugs, and some even allow you to smoke there. The same rule applies for liquors as well. If you break this rule, you may get penalized with an amount of 50 Euros.

Ask before Taking Pictures

Asking permission before taking pictures is common decorum in every place. Still, most tourists may forget to do this in Amsterdam when they see the energetic acrobatic biking styles of people or their cool tattoos. This rule is mainly relevant in the Red Light District; if you try to click pictures of the sex workers without their permission, you are more likely to be hosed down by the bouncers.