Fun Places to Take Kids to in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is a beautiful place with canals, narrow houses, passages, historic museums, and many more. The beauty of Amsterdam could be thoroughly enjoyed with kids; the Dutch capital city has many attractions for young kids, ranging from puppet shows to circuses, which they would like to the core. What’s more, the city has many beautiful parks and patches of greenery as well, that could act as a playground to kids. Most of the restaurants in the city have special menus for kids too. Below is a list of best places to take your kid to in Amsterdam.


Vondelpark is among the most important parks in Amsterdam city. This beautiful park features an admirable playground, sandpits, and paddling pools. There are a number of cafés at this place too, just in case you want to snack on a brunch while relaxing in the park. During the summer days, an open-air theatre here, called Openluchttheater, hosts many entertainment activities for kids, such as mimes, puppet shows, acrobats, and many more.

Canal Trip

If you were in Amsterdam with older children, it would be a good idea to go for a canal trip from the Centraal Station or Damrak. There are also many audio-themed cruises for kids where they could hear the audio explaining the prominence of the various landmarks in the city.

Walk in the Woods

Amsterdamse Bos woodlands have lots of fun-filled places like outdoor theatre, lakes, wonderful playgrounds, and numerous cycle paths. Similarly, it would be a good idea to explore the Bosbaan Canal on a rented boat as well. Another place to visit here is the Ridammerhoeve goat farm; they make tasty ice creams and cheese here.

Afternoon at a Petting Zoo

Amstelpark Petting Zoo is a wonderful place to go with kids. This zoo has many farm animals like chickens, rabbits, goats, and donkeys. You could also find a playground next to it. Just 4½ kilometers away from here, you would find the De Pijp Petting Zoo. This petting zoo exhibits a wide range of farm animals including ponies, pigs, sheep, salamanders, and guinea pigs. Both of these zoos do not have an entry fee.

Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam Dungeon would offer you both a scary and hilarious experience. This awesome place takes you through the Netherlands past with the help of professional artists. You would be able to watch twelve different shows here. Overall, the show tries to explain history to you through a beautiful and interactive experience.